Prodigy € Return Of The Mac (2007) __FULL__

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Prodigy € Return Of The Mac (2007) __FULL__


Prodigy € Return Of The Mac (2007)

Prodigy, Return of the Mac
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Category:West Coast hip hop albumsThroughout the decades, Detective Comics series Superman’s alter-ego has taken many forms—from the snappy modern-day Clark Kent to the honest reporter Clark Kent. But the character’s face has only occasionally been obscured or transformed, beginning with George Reeves’ portrayal in the “Shazam!” episode of The Adventures of Superman in 1948. Fans of the character have been keen to know where and how Reeves’ costume differed from the one in today’s Superman films.

Today, fans of the comics can rejoice—at least they did during a Reddit AMA session in which DC Comics writer Geoff Johns addressed that exact question:

“He’s basically got a modern Clark Kent outfit—and then a purple version of his look from the eighties, made from the same material, he wears around the Fortress of Solitude.”

That’s pretty much a different answer than the one in the “Shazam!” episode, but it’s different in the same way that Superman’s powers and abilities have evolved over the years. While other TV shows, like ABC’s Smallville, have featured different costumes for their Superman—along with the occasional outfit based on the comic books—Superman has always maintained his distinctive look.

In fairness, Reeves’ costume could have been misleading in at least one way: While Superman’s new incarnation is blue, this version of the character has a gray suit.

Reeves’ version of the character also featured blue under his eyebrows, and had a smaller belt buckle. But the modern Clark Kent’s costume is by no means a faithful replica of Reeves’. The modern version doesn’t have a belt buckle—and most of his outfit looks more streamlined.

Still, those answers are still pretty vague for fans who are only just learning about the timeline. Perhaps Johns will come out with an infographic with all the different costumes in the future.

With all that said, we’d still love to see Superman bring the blue and gray ensemble from the comics into the films in a future DC Extended Universe.

(h/t: Reddit, nepotism much?)

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