Rangitaranga Kannada |VERIFIED| Full Movie 49

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Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49

Having the assortment of talents like, Directors, Screenwriter and Actors, Rangitaranga is altogether a decent flick. The story is simply compelling, smooth and amazingly shot with apt dialogues and humorous situations.

RangiTaranga is a comedy mystery thriller. It is a journey of three stories and one of them is finally revealed at the end. It is a dab of romance, horror combined and is a delight to watch. In a way, it is a very good reason to make a film on Udaga Rangi Tandava. You have tried it already. How ever you cannot take your eyes of the story.

It is an enticing experience during its course of the film. The Director of the movie Anup Bhandari has conveyed all the cinematic sense of drama, comedy and horror in it. The screenplay is beautifully woven with the plot twists. Any thriller lover can complete this movie in a single view. However, the reason you should watch it in 3D or 4D or any other modes of screen viewing should be the new visual effects. The ultimate advantage they offer should be experienced by adding more blood to your hairs.