Netsupport School 12 Full 11 [EXCLUSIVE]

26/12 0 By bronell


Netsupport School 12 Full 11

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the key new features and improvements of NetSupport School version 11 including:

  • The teacher console is now enhanced and includes the ability to create custom applications in a single click.
  • Include an optional suite of form-based applications.
  • Add a Government OPS Ecce office reference directly from the new form-based applications tab.
  • View applications used for a specific course.
  • Introducing the new, fully-fledged NetSupport Tutor App (appx2500).
  • Add student marks to the student profile.
  • Add a report for student marks and marks obtained.
  • Add government OPS office reference directly to the student profile.
  • New splash page for NetSupport School.
  • Add a reference to the NetSupport Training Guide.
  • Demonstration of the new student fee report.
  • Report with student name and marks for all subjects.
  • Report with marks for last 10 tests.

The NetSupport Tutor App delivers both the functionality and user experience teachers have grown to love from NetSupport School Desktop software along with low-level enhancements for full compatibility with Windows 10.

Whether you use NetSupport School for mark capturing, student reporting or managing your courses and schedules, this version of NetSupport Tutor App is designed to instantly synchronise with the desktop version of NetSupport School providing the most up to date lesson content and instructor tools.

This new release of NetSupport School featuring the NetSupport Tutor App includes a number of enhancements to the student profile to ensure that students can easily report marks on exams like NetSupport School.