Photo Slideshow Screensaver [32|64bit]

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Photo Slideshow Screensaver is an application created for generating slideshows as screensavers. It has a user-friendly interface and many options to choose for personalizing the desktop animation.
Resize images, set the time delay and use arrow keys
The time delay can be set in seconds, and the pictures can be displayed sequentially, reversed or random. You can use the arrow keys for moving through the images and the spacebar for pausing the animation.
Resizing is important because enlarging small pictures to fit the screen leads to pixelated, low quality and unclear photos. Photo Slideshow Screensaver gives three options in this regard: quick, good quality, and best quality.
You can choose the number of images to display per screen (multiple monitors are supported) if you’re interested in playing a collage slideshow, enlarge the screen size, and crop borders. The name of the file can be shown, as well as path, folder and extension.
Add folders and subfolders, filter pictures and use effects
Images can be added either by folder or by selecting each one. The formats accepted are: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, RAW and PPM. Subfolders can also be included, and files can be filtered by hiding small pictures after specifying the width and height (pixels).
If you’ve included photos from your vacation, obtained from digital cameras, and some of them are a bit crooked, you can ask the tool to automatically rotate them using the EXIF orientation tag.
An important part of any slideshow application are the effects offered, and you can find many here, like mosaic, fade, grayscale, chess, stamp and diving. We should also mention the D3D option, which enables hardware acceleration. It’s also possible to preview the slideshow but, sadly, there is no feature integrated for applying music.
Our thoughts
In conclusion, Photo Slideshow Screensaver is a great little program which turns your simple screensaver into a personalized slideshow, and there are plenty of options and effects to choose from. The resizing quality is quite good, and the tool ran well during our tests.







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– Add images by folders
– Full screen slide show
– Multiple image show (collage)
– Keyboard control
– Full screen
– Adjustable time delay
– Resize images
– Effects: slideshow, chess, stamp, mosaic, fade, grayscale and more
– RAW format support
– DirectX support
– Sounds: music, wave and silence
– Audio decoder
– Auto rotate pictures
– EXIF orientation tag
– Add music
– Preview mode
– D3D acceleration
– Support ZIP file and EXE
– Support file:
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Price: FreeQ:

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Photo Slideshow Screensaver Free

Quickly resize and rotate images. The software offers several options for resizing and rotating images. You can choose different aspects and features for the output.
Photo Slideshow Screensaver Features:
– Transparent image background
– Resize/rotate images
– Use template
– Compress/extract images
– Filters
– Effects
– Thumbnails
– Thumbnails of the folder or files
– Printing
– Autostart
– Auto-run after startup
– The option to add or remove the control buttons.
– The option to change the position of the controls.
– The choice to select a command to launch when the user presses the Print key.
– The possibility to limit the number of repetitions of the whole animation.
– The possibility to choose the duration of the animation.
– The option to change the color of the window and the controls.
– PPM export of the pictures.
– The option to choose the initial window size.
– The option to choose the border size (adjust to fit the window).
– PPM export of the images.
– The option to choose the height of the window in pixels.
– Support of multiples monitors.
– The option to choose the image format.
– The option to print the images on the press of a key.
– PPM export of the images.
– The option to choose the number of images to show.
– The option to choose the number of images to show.
– The option to choose the size of the window.
– Use the relative path.
– The option to choose the directory to show.
– The option to choose the file extension.
– The option to change the name of the files.
– The option to choose the file extension.
– The option to change the current folder.
– The option to show the file name.
– The option to use effects.
– The option to choose the directory to save the files.
– The option to choose the directory to save the files.
– The option to choose the file format.
– The option to choose the directory to save the files.
– The option to choose the file format.
– The option to choose the path of the folder to show.
– The option to choose the folder to show.
– The option to choose the file format.
– The option to choose the time of the slideshow.
– The option to choose

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A screensaver application that can generate a slideshow and a screen saver with animated pictures with a special animated effect. Create your screen saver and your screensaver in just a few minutes. Change the time delay and slide the pictures with the mouse. Photo Slideshow Screensaver makes it possible to control the amount of images displayed per screen, crop borders, resize pictures, and many more features. The name of the pictures and their location are shown and a filter can be used to hide small images. Requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or newer (available in the Microsoft DirectX Library).

Creating a screensaver from a series of images and music with Photo Slideshow Screensaver is easy. Simply open the program and select the first image in the folder where you want the slideshow to start, and click the “Start slideshow” button. The first image is displayed and then the program automatically displays all of the images in the folder, and plays the music files included in the folder. You can then change the displayed time delay, select the number of images displayed per screen, resize the images, crop borders, change the music, and many more features. Creating a screen saver with images and music is a snap.
Photo Slideshow Screensaver is an easy to use application that lets you create custom screensavers. It’s easy to start the slideshow from a folder of images and music. The slideshows are displayed in a slideshow window with a fade effect.

PCS Screensaver Screensaver, also called PCS Screensaver, PCS screensaver is a very handy tool for creating nice screensavers. The tool offers you an array of options and tools that allow you to easily create screensavers. And once you have created your screensaver, you can save it and share it with your friends. PCS Screensaver is easy to use. PCS Screensaver comes with a friendly, intuitive interface. The software provides you with an easy to use wizard which allows you to create stunning screensavers quickly. PCS Screensaver allows you to use water, dust, explosion and animation effects to create screensavers with a variety of exciting and interesting animations. Create your screensaver quickly with PCS Screensaver and share your creations with your friends on YouTube, Facebook and many more websites.
– Support various effects including dust, smoke, explosion, flame and water
– Adjust the time delay and position of the screen
– Set the number of slides
– Select the

What’s New In Photo Slideshow Screensaver?

Free Jigsaw Screensaver was developed for creating screensavers with jigsaw puzzles images. The program supports multiple monitors, so it can be displayed simultaneously on different computers. The UI is simple, but it’s not at all beginner-friendly because it has an option to customize every aspect. If you are a beginner, however, then you can probably get along.
Easy to use
The user interface is quite simple and user-friendly. It has two options – two pictures can be displayed on the screen, or all images are displayed sequentially. You can zoom in and out, and all the images can be resized. In the first version, the pictures were not shown one by one; but you can specify the time delay for each image.
By pressing the button “Next Image”, the slides can be changed. There are many other settings, but you can disable them if you want.
Note: this screensaver uses a lot of resources.
Free Jigsaw Screensaver is freeware.
Download: Free Jigsaw Screensaver (Windows).

Free Calendar Screensaver was created for creating screensavers with events calendar images. This tool is not simple at all, but it can help you to create your own personal screensaver. You can add calendars of multiple languages, set time delay, and you can get the list of events on screen.
It has three tabs: First, you can add a text, pictures or videos, and upload them. Secondly, you can specify which calendars should be displayed on the screen. Thirdly, you can change the time delay, and you can get the list of events.
On the first tab, you can choose from multiple languages, and specify a time delay. On the second tab, you can choose the calendars you want to include, while on the third tab, you can set the delay of each event.
Free Calendar Screensaver is freeware.
Download: Free Calendar Screensaver (Windows).

Free Month Calendar Screensaver was developed for creating screensavers with month calendar images. The application can work with multiple monitors. It has a simple UI and supports user customization.
Select multiple calendars and include them in your screensaver. You can also set the time delay for each event, and the tool can display them in any order.
There are many options, and you can disable them to save resources. The settings are saved automatically, but you can also use the back button to restore the default.
One interesting feature is the calendar background effect. You can set the theme for the month (plain, slideshow, gradient). The background color can be set separately for each calendar, and the image is a transparent solid color.
The program can run in full-screen mode, and all the images are downloaded from the web. It takes several seconds to load the first image, and you can display it in full-screen mode

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Core i3, i5 or i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: Core i5 or i7
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Installation Instructions:
Double-click on this package to begin the installation.
The installer will download and install everything you need.
If you have any problems during the installation process, please read our FAQ.