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There are countless utilities on the web that can help you keep track of resource usage, but they are often either too complex or lack sufficient customization options. If you’re looking for something simple that can still be customized to a certain degree, this app may be what you need.
Tray Usage is an open-source program that enables you to create system tray icons for monitoring resource usage and other system parameters. It is not too difficult to configure, but it is a bit rough around the edges.
Customizable system tray icons for resource monitoring
When you launch the application for the first time, two icons are available and can be used to keep track of CPU and memory usage. Their design is very simple, and the exact numbers are displayed upon hover.
Of course, you can remove the default icons and create as many new ones as you wish. It is possible to change their name, add rollover text and choose the data source.
Monitor various parameters from the system tray
Aside from CPU and RAM usage, the program also enables you to keep track of used disk space, battery life and network traffic, as well as monitor HDD activity. These parameters can be monitored in real-time or in chart form.
These icons aren’t too difficult to configure, but the process isn’t really as intuitive as we would have liked either. Nevertheless, most users shouldn’t run into any issues.
Needs more polish, but this open-source app could still prove to be useful
In the end, this application may not have progressed past the alpha stage, but it can be used to monitor a number of system parameters successfully.
It is not all that intuitive, and it hasn’t been updated for quite some time, but it is worth a try if you need a simple, no-nonsense resource monitoring utility.







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– Track system tray icons and customize them.
– Real-time monitoring of CPU, RAM, disk space, battery and network traffic.
– Chart monitoring of the same data.
– Supports all systems.

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A Macro Recorder for Windows that combines ease-of-use and advanced features.
MAC OS 10.2 or later.
System Requirements:
Mac OS 10.2 or later
Language: English (U.S.)

About the Author

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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

extern const char *physfs_get_errno_str(int e);

#ifdef __cplusplus


/* vim: set ts=4 sw=4 et: */
defmodule System.Workers.Externals.Fs.File.Delete do
alias System.Workers.Externals.Fs.File
alias System.Workers.Externals.Fs.FileSystem

@moduledoc “””
A worker that deletes a file.
defmacro __using__(_opts) do
quote do
import System.Workers.Externals.Fs.File

def delete(path \\ __MODULE__.__dir__, []) do
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# unless we’re using the `with_fs` keyword, which will overwrite
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if File.exists?(path) do
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Sysmonitor is a System Information and Performance Monitoring Utility for
Windows. It provides you with a fast overview of all important system information and system performance such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and Internet usage, DirectX, OpenGL, the number of open applications, battery usage and much more. It works on all Windows versions since Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 and uses the API functions of the most recent Windows versions.

Product Dimensions :

34mm x 23mm x 45mm

Package Weight :


Shipping weight :









Full List of Features

Fully Configurable

Monitor a wide variety of system parameters

Support for Windows 7/8

Additional Note:

The free trial version of Sysmonitor is fully functional. To activate the trial version, you need to install the software to a user account. You can also create a trial user account for your computer during installation.Virgineus (gens)

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What’s New in the Tray Usage?

Monitor and log various system parameters and system tray icons in real-time and in graph form.
• Create any number of custom tray icons for system parameters (CPU/RAM usage, Disk usage, Battery life, Network traffic and HDD activity).
• Customize tray icons’ colors, name, text and other features (text editing, rollover effect, setting permissions and system tray icon settings).
• Monitor CPU/RAM usage on hover, set CPU/RAM usage limits and lower your computer’s performance when your computer’s usage reaches a certain limit.
• Monitor system parameters in real-time and in graph form.
• View system tray icons graphically in real-time and in graph form.
• Hide tray icons when not in use.
• Integrates with other applications and runs in the system tray.
• Supports any data source including FreeTray.
Copyright (c) 2015 Oleksandr Bashtan
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How to install Tray Usage:
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Tray Usage is the best system tray manager and resource monitoring tool you have ever used. It is the top choice for any Mac OS X users who want to know when their computer is using too much CPU or RAM, and can monitor all of your system tray icons in real-time and in graphic form.

The app is kind of clunky, and that is with using the default tray icon settings. The feature I find most useful is that it will show all resource usage – not just CPU.

Written by Ben F from Beta.


Trial version


By Greeter Joe

No complaints about the trial, it’s great!

Best Monitoring


By Nick the monkey

Great app

Is a bit slow in usage.


By Muhammad Saif

It’s very easy to use it with more icons setting. But it’s slow to use on my side.

Great app!!BETTER!!

System Requirements:

– Minimum requirements:
* Platform: Windows® XP SP2 (32-bit) or later (64-bit)
* OS: Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
* Processor: Intel Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon™ 64 x2, Intel Core™ 2 Duo or later.
* Memory: 2 GB of RAM
* Graphics: DirectX® 9-compatible video card (Rendering Pixel Shader (1.0) or more).
* Direct3D: Version 9