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Since the hard disk is a key component to any computer, you should scan it regularly to detect and take care of any potential problems.
Disk Size Explorer is a small program that allows you to keep track of space on your hard disk and ensure its optimal use.
Enables you to preview results in neatly organized graphics
Not only does it display a great report on how space is used on your local and network drive, but it also enables you to view the data as lists, bars or pie charts. Moreover, you can choose to preview the report in percentages or view the size displayed in bytes or Gigabytes.
The logs include information such as cluster size, file system, drive type and the file distribution statistics. You can save the scan reports along with the graphs for later use by exporting them to HTML, Excel or plain text.
On a side note, depending on the size of your drives or folders, the program can work slower and have a low responsiveness. Since some users might even get the impression that it got stuck, it would be nice if the scanning process was better optimized.
It could use defragmentation and reclaim space options
While the application allows you to select a drive or folder to be scanned at startup, the available options include performing a fast superficial scan and highlighting the compressed files in the folder trees.
The automatic scanning function could use a few more options, such as to allow you to set up a schedule when it should perform certain tasks for instance. In addition, the utility could really use a feature that enables you to reclaim space on your hard drive or a defragmentation analysis, for instance.
It can be helpful for average users
Without denying that Disk Size Explorer scans thoroughly and offers you a detailed analysis of the space usage on your hard disk, it is a rather simplistic application overall. Nevertheless, it is intuitive and user-friendly, so it could be a good tool for users with limited computer skills.







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Disk Size Explorer is a simple tool for keeping track of the size of all the folders and files on your hard drive and ensuring optimal space use. This is an important first step for the proper functioning of your computer, as it will help you spot when your hard drive is running low and then you’ll be able to decide how to get rid of files or folders you don’t need. It even goes beyond that, letting you see the files used for each type of file system and enabling you to get a glimpse of the files and folders on the network drives. You can also schedule automatic scans at specified intervals or have Disk Size Explorer scan any drive or folder on your system and save the results as plain text, HTML or Excel files.
The program comes with two installation modes: a standard one, and a tool version intended for advanced users. Both offer similar features and will help you manage your hard drive space.
Disk Size Explorer will scan your files and folders at startup and will let you view the results in various ways: as a table, as a pie chart or in a graph. The report can be viewed in percentages or in terms of gigabytes, bytes, Kb or MB. This data can be exported to HTML, Excel or plain text files. Moreover, the program can generate a report of the space distribution for each file system, for each drive or for the entire hard drive.
The program also offers you the option to preview your files and folders as an icon tree, in which you can see the files and folders that are stored on your hard drive or on the network drives.
There are no advanced options available for users wishing to customize the program or who are interested in the details. For example, the program doesn’t allow you to select folders or drives or to exclude certain files from the scan. However, if you need more options, you can opt for the advanced version of the tool, which includes a built-in defragmentation analysis.
Overall, Disk Size Explorer is a nice and simple tool for keeping track of your hard drive’s space, and can be a good first step to prevent your hard drive from running out of space. It works on the principle of simplicity, so it won’t be too overwhelming for novices.

Disk Size Explorer is a tool to manage the hard disk space. It will scan your computer’s files and folders at regular intervals and analyze the usage of your hard drive. The scan results can be saved as text, HTML, and Excel files. You can view the

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KeyMacro is a utility program that enables you to automate repetitive tasks.
Easily manage your tasks
It is designed to help you create tasks with a single click. Then, you can easily associate a macro to one or more key combinations (hotkeys) to launch it without typing the long name.
Because the program is equipped with powerful features, you can even assign a macro to multiple keyboard shortcuts. In addition, you can enable macros to be automatically launched when specific conditions are met.
A quick start guide makes it easier to get started with KeyMacro
You can start by learning the basics of the application with the help of a tutorial. This will enable you to discover all of the features that are included in the program.
The utility enables you to create:
Macros to launch them
Easy shortcuts (hotkeys)
KeyMacro is a good tool for users who are on the lookout for an alternative to task organizers.
The free version of KeyMacro works perfectly and enables you to create and run up to five macros. The user-friendly interface and advanced features make the program an easy-to-use utility for beginners.

9K Partition Recovery Free is a professional and easy-to-use software for partition recovery and data recovery. It can recover lost or deleted files from damaged or inaccessible partitions. This software is perfect for users who do not have technical skills or do not have Windows support. It supports data recovery even for the NTFS, FAT, and VHD partitions.

9K Partition Recovery Free supports both FAT and NTFS file systems. It supports both MS-DOS and MBR partitions. Once the damaged partition is detected, 9K Partition Recovery Free can quickly find and recover all the files on the partition. It will scan the disk to find all the data and will recover all the lost files.

It is an easy-to-use tool and it enables you to open any type of DOS file and edit the file with no need for additional third-party applications. It allows you to preview and edit MS-DOS files and restore damaged MS-DOS files.

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Disk Size Explorer Download

A free utility which allows you to analyze the free space on your disks and to detect duplicate files, unnecessary duplicate files, files which can be replaced or deleted and unnecessary or duplicate clusters.
File Size Repair is a free and very useful application which gives you a detailed look on the total free space available on your disk(s). The program enables you to analyze the space available on your disk(s) by volume, in bytes or in the form of percentages. You can also choose to detect files which can be deleted, be replaced, be archived or unneeded files.
You can save the results in a variety of formats such as an HTML report, a tab-delimited or a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Additionally, you can save the report in PDF, MS Word, WordPerfect or MS Excel format.
File Size Repair can detect files which can be replaced, deleted or archived
What’s more, the application can also detect duplicate files and unnecessary duplicate files. You can thus be informed about the best performing and most used files, and this makes it easier for you to clean your computer.
File Size Repair can also detect duplicate files and unnecessary duplicate files
You can also sort the list of files according to their size.
The application can analyze various file systems, and it is particularly helpful for users who are working with a FAT, FAT32, NTFS or VFAT file system.
On top of that, you can use the built-in defragmentation feature of the program to defrag your hard drive and make sure that it runs better.
Disk Usage Analyzer is a free utility which allows you to analyze your disk(s) for free. It enables you to see the total available space, the sizes of files and the space used by each file. The program also includes a comprehensive report, which lists the system used to open each file and the date and time it was last used.
The application can detect files which can be deleted and files which can be replaced
This program offers a user-friendly interface, and the controls are organized logically and accessible through a window with a cascading menu. It can analyze and report on multiple volumes, multiple folders or the total number of files and folders on your drive(s).
On top of that, you can sort the list of files according to their date and size, make use of the built-in defragmentation feature and look for duplicates, which is quite useful. You can also use

What’s New in the?

Avery Hard Disk Scanner is a FREE and useful tool that enables you to view and manage your hard disk (local and network) space.
Specifically, it allows you to view the total drive capacity, available disk space, used disk space, free disk space and free cluster space.
It also shows the name of each file, its size, date created, date modified and whether it is a directory, an executable, compressed, of a locked file. In addition, it gives you the file type, flags and creation time, as well as the access permissions.
Of course, you can sort the files, folders and drive based on your preference, and the tool enables you to preview the files in a list, a tree or a pie chart.
However, this tool is not quite as user-friendly as it should be.
For example, while it gives you the capacity of the drive, it does not show you the size of each partition.
Also, while the scan can be initiated automatically, you will only see a notification that it has started.
The utility is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You will have to select the platform you are working on, in the available options.
How to scan the hard drive for free:
Connect your hard drive to your computer.
Click the menu icon.
Click the option to scan the local drive.
If you want to scan the network drive, click on the option, enter the IP address and click OK.
A progress bar will be displayed until the scan is completed.
After the scanning process is finished, a window will open with the results.
On the “Summary” tab, you will see a list of the files on your drive.
On the “Files” tab, you will see a list of the files on your drive, along with the following information:

File Name
File Size
Date Created
Date Modified
Access Permissions
File Type

If you want to open the file, click the file’s name.
On the “Details” tab, you will see all the information about the file.
On the “Settings” tab, you can choose to scan the selected folders or drive(s), set a filter to limit the scan and view the results in a list, tree or a pie chart.
Using the tool:
Most users are not too familiar with the use of tools like this, so the program might feel confusing.
While the tool displays a large number of options, not all of them are useful.
The application also displays the results as a tree, so if you want to have a full view of the results, you will have to expand each folder (or drive).
It is easy to keep track of the information about the files, but you will have to click through the results to open the files individually.
For instance, to view the


System Requirements For Disk Size Explorer:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better, Core 2 Duo or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM (Adequate)
Hard Disk: 6.5 GB available space
Internet Connection (Optional): Broadband connection
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 capable
Sound Card (Optional): Compatible with DirectX 9
Mouse (Optional): Microsoft IntelliMouse
Keyboard (Optional): Microsoft IntelliKey
Video Card (Optional):