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Text to Audio Converter Software is an efficient software utility that was designed specifically in order to help individuals transform their text into speech audio files.
The tool's interface is plain and simple, presenting a panel in which to write and several buttons, so that you can quickly access all the actions available. Moreover, it is fairly easy to work with it, even if you happen to be a novice user.
Aside from writing texts, you should know this program supports importing file formats such as TXT, RTF, WPS, WRI and WPD, while export is only possible in WAV. A small drawback here is the fact that the application does not integrate the “drag and drop” feature, as it could have made the entire conversion process much easier.
The main menu lets you choose the reading voice (Microsoft Desktop Zira, Hazel, David), play, pause or stop it, as well as control the speed with the help of a horizontal slider bar (from -10 to 10) and clear all the content with a single click. In addition to that, there is an option which lets you start speech for all the text copied to the Clipboard.
The quality of the resulted WAV files leaves a lot to be desired, a more than small drawback, especially when considering the type of the program.
All in all, Text to Audio Converter Software is a text-to-speech piece of software which does not put strain on the program's performance and has a good response time.







Text To Audio Converter Software Crack + Free [Mac/Win]

Enter all the text in the specified text box and hit the Convert button.
The program will provide a list of all the options available, allowing you to modify them as you like.
After having selected all the desired options, hit the Convert button.
The program will make the text read aloud in the specified voice and the user can choose any rate they want (Speedy, Slow, Normal, Accurate, FAST, Extremely Fast, or Very Slow).
The program will provide the saved file as a WAV or MP3 audio file, which can be played in most portable audio players (or saved in the WAV or MP3 format to any removable device).
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ZVOICE GEO – Text to Audio

I have been using ZVOICE for a long time and love it.
It’s powerful, fast and very easy to use.

I also have a group of friends who are using it.

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why no mention of speechlab or powertalk on here, text to speech wav converter is soooo short in a field of powertalk and speechlab

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I was looking for something like this to create an MP3 of a text. Instead of using the web or my cellphone I thought I could just convert it to MP3.

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Speechwin will do that and more.

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I was looking for something like this to create an MP3 of a text. Instead of using the web or my cellphone I thought I could just convert it to MP3.

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Originally Posted by djdadd

I was looking for something like this to create an MP3 of a text. Instead of using the web or my cellphone I thought I could just convert it to MP3.

That is easily doable with speechwin

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Text To Audio Converter Software

KeyMacro is a powerful macro tool that automates repetitive actions.
If you are tired of copy, cut, paste, or drag and drop, it can be tedious work. Automation is easy with KeyMacro.
Save time with it and turn copy-and-paste into a fast and easy task. Simply define a routine for every task and KeyMacro will take care of the rest.
KeyMacro automates repetitive tasks so you can spend less time waiting and more time being productive. Just drag and drop the items you want to automate into the action sequence and KeyMacro will handle the rest. The results are immediate.
KeyMacro supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008.
The program’s interface is very easy to use. Simply define actions and drag and drop items into the defined area.
KeyMacro doesn’t store information about your accounts, history, or actions.
It’s completely free.
You can save and open actions and choose to run a defined action every time a specific window is opened.
KeyMacro includes a built-in “immediate action” system that lets you trigger the defined action directly from the interface by pressing a hot key.
KeyMacro is much more than just a simple macro. Its action list includes many functions that can be used to create macros, and even create new actions with it’s included Action Creator.
KeyMacro also includes an included File Explorer, which can be used to automate tasks with folders.
KeyMacro has two modes: When you run the program in its normal mode, it opens a File Selector window where you can drag and drop files to be copied, moved, or cut to a destination. If you run the program in its Explorer mode, you can create new folders and initiate actions to open or modify those folders.
KeyMacro can define actions to open folders in Explorer mode or it can create a shortcut to an existing folder in Explorer mode.
You can create the shortcut using the following steps.
KeyMacro includes a built-in File List Viewer that displays a list of all the files in a folder.
You can also use the built-in drag and drop functionality to move files to a destination folder, or from one folder to another.
KeyMacro supports a wide range of file formats including many different image, audio, video, music, and data formats.
It supports all the most common file types, including,

Text To Audio Converter Software Crack Free

KeyMacro is a powerful macro recorder tool that offers you the ability to record keyboard keys in a very easy way, as well as the ability to rewind, stop and fast forward your recorded macros.
After recording the keys you want to record, you simply need to press the “Start” button, and then just follow the instructions. This macro recorder is highly efficient and can be used by novices. You should know that the program works with the Windows XP or later versions, as well as Windows 7.
There is no configuration necessary, the default settings work fine, the only limitation being that macros do not support the entire keyboard or the international and multimedia buttons.
Furthermore, the program features a large icon in order to make the recording process easier to handle.
• Shortcut key recording: The program supports an automatic, linear recording technique, as well as a customizable recording method.
• Supports all Windows keyboards, as well as international and multimedia keys.
• Ability to add your own text at the beginning and at the end of each recording.
• Ability to adjust the recording speed.
• Ability to save the macros as a text document.
• Ability to pause, resume, or stop the recording.
• All the recorded content is recorded in plain text file.
• Option to show the date, time and number of seconds to keep them for later reference.
• Option to automatically show the text content before and after the recorded content.
• Option to show hidden folders.
• Option to filter the recorded content by folder, language, extension and types.
• Option to show or hide user interface elements.
• Option to show or hide the desktop.
• Option to show or hide the tray icon.
• Option to change the recording duration.
• Option to change the number of seconds for each macro.
• Option to remove each macro from the list.
• Option to replace a recording with the current content.
• Option to remove all the recordings from the list.
• Option to mark the current recording as a favorite.
• Option to view the previous macros list.
• Option to show the recording history.
• Option to view the last 6 recordings.
• Option to view or remove each saved macro.
• Option to search for a text string in all the saved recordings.
• Option to repeat a recording.
• Option to show or hide the Help menu.
• Option to view the currently active

What’s New In Text To Audio Converter Software?

Text to Audio Converter Software
* All operations performed in the system are based on the standard windows interface
* Working in the Windows platform
* Using the 32 bit interface
* Do not need any activation
* Support for all Windows versions from Windows Vista to XP
* The interface is plain and simple, and there are many interface functions
* Supports importing file formats such as TXT, RTF, WPS, WRI and WPD
* Supports export formats such as WAV
* Working in the background
* Supports Windows Media Player
* Supports speech from Microsoft Desktop Zira, Hazel, David
* Support for Microsoft Reader
* Supports Microsoft Reader Voice
* Support for the.NET Framework version 2.0
* Support for Windows XP 32-bit
* Support for Microsoft Voice Control
* Supports Microsoft Voice Control for the voice engine of Microsoft
* Supports Microsoft Voice Control for the voice engine of Microsoft


System Requirements For Text To Audio Converter Software:

The minimum system requirements are as follows:
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel i5 3.2 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game is updated regularly and should work without problems on all the above system requirements. If you have any problem, please report them to us in the Forums. You can also update your graphics card driver.