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Strater 2011.7.5 Crack Activation Code With Keygen Download For Windows

The program includes an application window, which displays all operations.
It is possible to change the display layouts, create and open project files and import data from databases, files, LAS, ODBC or OLE DB.
The following tools are available: Map, Borehole, Log, Project, Symbol Editor, LAS Editor, Schematic Editor, Cross-section, Insert Measurement, Export as Image. The program allows you to plot and analyze elements of interest, customize the display and export them as graphics or PDF files.
We can use the KML function to convert the coordinate system to Google Earth and produce various maps.


Import data from various sources

Export data to various formats

Able to create new projects

Projects based on the imported data

Create a project based on the imported data

High-quality vector graphics

Print (preview) your project

Import from various data sources

Import data from databases

Import data from LAS

Import data from OLE DB

Import data from ODBC

Export your data in various formats

Export to PDF

Export as image

Export as KML



To install Strater Cracked Version

– Download and run the install script
– Select Save and Continue.
– The program will download files and run automatically

Strater Cracked Version.ini

To delete Strater Free Download

Remove the folder Strater in the directory Program Files/Strater


To read information about Strater

Double click on the Strater icon

To exit the program

Click Exit

Note: The complete removal of the file Strater.ini will be done during the uninstall process.

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Strater 2011.7.5 [Latest] 2022

Strater is a tool for geological interpretation and analysis of diverse subsurface data. It is designed to be convenient for geologists, engineers and students. The program allows you to display subsurface data as boreholes, well logs, maps or cross sections, as well as create new projects with geologic information imported from database files, LAS, ODBC or OLE DB data sources. Strater enables you to quickly analyze raw data, including the ability to quickly visualize subsurface data and plot various structures in a comprehensive manner. You can easily create new projects, customized for boreholes, maps or cross-sections, based on the imported information. Strater provides a variety of functions that are useful for analyzing well logs and graphs, creating cross-sections, and generating zone bar, percentage, tadpole, post, classed post, complex text or graphic logs.

The toolbar at the top of the window allows you to quickly access the log functions, but also enable the scheme editor or use the graphic design functions. Strater includes a help window to help you understand the various functions and features of the program.

Feature Highlights:

– Create your own subsurface data projects
– Import data from database files, LAS, ODBC or OLE DB data sources
– Convert raw data into borehole, well or map plots
– Export your observations as comprehensive reports
– Export images and graphics as specific file types
– Easy to use and intuitive design
– Manage your projects, schedule and monitor the progress of jobs
– Quickly analyze raw data and plot various structures


The following list of features is not inclusive. For more details please refer to the manual which is included in the install package.

1. Import and export data from various data sources
2. Create your own subsurface data projects
3. Convert raw data into borehole, well or map plots
4. Export your observations as comprehensive reports
5. Export images and graphics as specific file types
6. Quickly analyze raw data and plot various structures
7. Manage your projects, schedule and monitor the progress of jobs


1. Import data from database files, LAS, ODBC or OLE DB data sources
2. Convert raw data into borehole, well or map plots
3. Export your observations as comprehensive reports
4. Export images and graphics as specific file types
5. Quickly analyze raw data and

What’s New in the?

It can be used to create and manage most geology data for further analysis. It provides functions for geology exploration, analysis and report creation. It has a variety of graphs and data types. It has support for geology modeling, geology maps and geoscientific maps. It can produce voxel-based or contour-based logs in the pre-selected coordinate system. It has access to a wide variety of formats and databases, including shapefiles, GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile, LAS, KML, Google Maps KML, MapInfo, GeoTiff, SVG, DXF, DXG, CZI, ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoTIF, GeoRaster, VectorMosaic, and many more. It has the ability to read and save all these data formats to any of the supported databases. It can create various types of geology diagrams and reports, and analyze existing data with different data sets and technologies. It has the capability to import external or user-generated layers. It can export and translate raster and vector data to various formats, including vector, jpg, png, bmp, pdf, jpeg, svg, html, rtf, odt, txt, xml, csv, dbf, dbf, dbz, nrrd, dxf, wkt, plt, and png. It can export and save to file and read from file a wide variety of formats, including geo-raster, raster, psd, emf, jp2, jpeg 2000, gif, png, tiff, ppt, jpeg, pptx, pdf, dxf, czi, jp3, wmf, and geo-shapefile.
General Features:
It can import and export a variety of formats, including raster and vector. It can save and display plots in multiple formats. It can automatically create and manage all project files. It can import and export vector and raster data as geo-shapefile or geometry feature.
Convenient user interface:
It can save and display the plot as raster or vector, 3D-view, and/or as model in any projection. It supports all browsers and supports both Mac and Windows platforms. It can import data from LAS, CSV, SPS, KML, GeoJSON, OpenStreetMap, MapInfo, MapCD, MapCD XML, GEO-TIFF, ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoRaster, and VectorMosaic formats. It can export data to a variety of formats, including csv, dbf, dbz, pfd, txt, xml, and svg. It can export and save as various formats, including a wide variety of maps and graphs, like PostgreSQL, HTML, Microsoft Excel, and LaTeX. It can create multiple databases, and!!BETTER!!‘LINK’!!LINK!!!EXCLUSIVE!-37

System Requirements:

In order to play and enjoy the game, you need a computer, system and the ability to play it on your monitor at a minimum of 1024×768, and at maximum of 1920×1080. If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot play the game.
Supports Low and