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Quick Screen Recorder 1.2.1 Download

-Record webcam and screenshots in video format
-Easy to use
-Record video in high quality resolution and it’s very easy to use, just simply select the webcam and press the “Start” button to start recording.
-You can select any part of the screen to record, such as a frame, the whole screen, individual window or entire desktop.
-The screenshots are stored in the same folder as the video.
-Easy to stop the recording process, just simply select the “Stop” button.
-Record both video and screenshots in a format that can be played in most popular multimedia players and devices.
-Use it for watching videos online or on your local storage device, such as USB stick or SD card.
-Powerful audio recording
-It can record audio from any input source.
-You can select audio recording source from any of the following options: built-in microphone, headset microphone, line-in, external microphone, audio input or video capture (Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker or Windows Video Recorder).
-Record audio in formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and AMR.
-Simultaneously record both audio and video together.
-Capture any part of the screen.
-You can record from any window that you choose.
-You can also record videos that are on your desktop.
-Audio recording only works when you are recording a video.
-You can also cut or paste the recorded videos and screenshots into any program.
-Sound is recorded from all audio devices on your computer, including microphone, line-in, speakers, headset, USB device, etc.
-You can also save your sounds to the folder where you are saving the videos and screenshots.
-Record webcam from your computer
-You can set a time limit for the recording.
-You can also set a hotkey to start/stop recording.
-Stop recording and save a part of the video.
-Cut/Paste/Save/Export/etc. captured videos and screenshots.
-Show the progress of the recording.
-Advanced settings.
-Pause/Resume recording in-between capturing a new set of video or audio.
-Crop captured video.
-Select your preferred video resolution.
-Select the video/audio format.
-Export your videos and screenshots in a format that you prefer.
-You can set how often the app should update when a

Quick Screen Recorder 1.2.1 Crack

Quick Screen Recorder provides a very simple and easy screen recording and preview option. In fact, you don’t even have to look for the necessary features, as it does all the work for you. It is easy to use and works in a very simple and intuitive way.
It’s user-friendly, and comes in a very small package that’s really easy to install and use. It also provides a great quality for you. Additionally, it supports a lot of very useful features for you to get the best from it, such as:

· Start/Stop screen recording;
· Set the capture area;
· Capture cursor or not;
· Keep the window on top of other windows;
· Audio capture from devices (microphone, webcam);
· Record desktop in a variety of formats (audio and video, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, H.264, MP3);
· Record screen in a variety of formats (AVI, MP4, MOV, H.264, MP3);
· Settings (compression, quality, audio capture, automatic pause when capturing, and a few more);
· Cursor settings (visible or hidden during recording);
· Record video/audio preview;
· Process to record video/audio preview.

Screen Recorder’s GUI

And the list goes on…

I’ll be honest with you guys, for now I’ll be having a trial version of this tool. Because, at the moment, it doesn’t come in a package format. It would only be able to run if you used the following tools, so if you are interested in a trial version, you would need to have them installed on your PC, otherwise, there is no way to run it.

(Due to our agreements, I do not have a direct link to Quick Screen Recorder. If you wish to use a trial version, you would need to click the following link. It’s in an “unknown” language and contains a.bat file that will install the trial version of the software.
How to get a trial version

Quick Screen Recorder 1.2.1 Crack

Description: Quick Screen Recorder is a tool that enables easy access to basic screen recording functionalities. It was built with the.NET framework which makes it natively compatible with Windows
it is a small file (around 3 MB) that gets installed super-fast and runs smoothly, causing minimal impact on your system’s performance.
Quick setup and main capabilities
The installation is done within seconds. Upon opening the program, you will be prompted with a regular-sized window that has the basic expected settings; before starting the screen recording, if enabled, an optional preview is available. A minor flaw is that the main window and the screen preview do not allow for resizing
they come in a fixed, predefined format.
The recordings can be done in the main captured window, a secondary screen (if the system detects one), everywhere, or in a customly determined area. If you choose the latter, setting the recording area is done really easily: there is a red frame that can be adjusted in size and place, and positioned wherever you like. After the recording is done, the video will be automatically saved in AVI format.
Distinctive traits that make it stand out
The tool offers the ability to set the desired quality for your recordings; the used format is motion JPEG compression (low – 25%, medium – 50%, high – 75%, original – 100%). Additionally, you can opt for the uncompressed file quality. Regarding the audio, the tool identifies and records sound coming from any attached and selected peripheral device. Optionally, the audio can be written to a separate WAV file.
Some pretty useful elements that the screen recorder offers are the ability to keep the window always on top, to hide the taskbar in the primary screen/full-screen mode, and the option to capture the cursor or not in the recorded area. 
In conclusion, Quick Screen Recorder is a small-packed tool that helps serve basic recording needs. It runs smoothly, offers an easy-to-understand GUI, uses few CPU and RAM resources, and integrates fast with your Windows OS. Besides all the previously mentioned aspects, it is a free open-source program, which makes it a perfect match with users who want a quick, easy solution for a simple need.
Download link:

Before you start the screen recording process, there are some things that you need to know and set up

What’s New in the?

The software will help you to capture the screen, including specific regions, or the entire desktop. You can set the starting and stopping point of the recording, choose the format and the codec.
You can hide the cursor while recording, and you can set the window theme. You can select the time you want to start recording. It will be recorded in the exact time interval you have selected.
You can also capture the sound from a microphone. You can record multiple audio streams, and you can record as many as you want. You can choose the quality, and you can share the captured files via FTP or SMTP.

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Rohit SinghJun 19, 2010

Quick Screen Recorder

After buying from Softempire, the purchased was released without any defects as an expected. Moreover, the package is free from viruses and I am sure that it is safe to be installed. Thanks a lot.

Darius DavisJun 13, 2010


I use the app for several years. I just have to say, it is worth the money you pay! The quality is the best and you can save your videos with no quality loss. The program has an easy to use interface. It is only useful for recording videos from web pages, but it can be used to record anything you see on the screen, such as yourself using a webcam, recording a game, or recording video tutorials for your website. Good work!

pratyush hiraniaMar 12, 2010

Its Very Good App

it was very useful tool in my work… its free and no ad… its work very well…

Gabriel FoisMar 08, 2010

Capture Screen And Audio

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You must have a broadband Internet connection.
To use MESH mode, you must be able to download a file via Wi-Fi.
To use MCIM, you must have a subscription to an Internet service provider that includes a high-speed data plan.
A headset is required to experience the full content. The headset must be attached to the phone’s 3.5mm headset jack.
What is MESH mode?
MESH (Multi-Access Edge Server) is a specialized form of