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Personalizing the operating system and even some of the installed programs is a quite common activity and there are numerous users who use dedicated software for personalizing the looks of the environment they use at home or at work.
Microsoft Office 97 Sounds is one such solution and, as its name suggests, it is dedicated to the customization of a specific version of Microsoft's well-known suite of applications mainly dedicated to the creation of various types of documents.
This particular package is very easy to install and no configurations are needed in order to have the sounds integrated in all the supported Office apps. Those who are interested to find out exactly which utilities can be personalized with these sounds will surely be glad to know that Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook are on that list.
There are over 30 different WAV files included in the archive and the configuration file that comes with them will make it so that many common operations carried out on regular basis will be accompanied by an appropriate sound.
Among the actions that will trigger these sounds are opening menus, sending email messages, zooming in or out a document, using the scroll bars and many more. The system notifications and reminders will also receive sound alerts from the Microsoft Office 97 Sounds pack.
In case someone wants to take out the sound scheme from their system, the operation can be carried out just like for any other installed application which has to be removed. Since only the audio files, a couple of necessary libraries and the configuration file are copied onto the PC initially, there will no leftovers when Microsoft Office 97 Sounds is uninstalled.







Microsoft Office 97 Sounds Free License Key (April-2022)

Publisher: Visual Age Software Corporation
Name: Office 97 Sounds
License: Freeware
File size: 2.09MB

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Microsoft Office 97 Sounds With Full Keygen Free Download

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Microsoft Office 97 Sounds Free Download

Microsoft Office 97 Sounds is a handy utility designed for those who are looking for a way to enhance the experience of using Microsoft’s widely known Office 97 suite of applications. The sounds included in this package are real-time sounds that can be activated at any time during the use of one of the supported apps.
Some of the actions that trigger sounds are opening menus, sending email messages, zooming in or out a document, using the scroll bars and many others. The system notifications and reminders will also receive sound alerts from the package.
The sounds are different for each of the four Office apps supported by this package and they will be assigned to the specific actions they were configured for.
When looking for a solution to modify the sounds of a certain application, users can’t go wrong by installing the Microsoft Office 97 Sounds package and then switching to the Sounds Preferences window (press the Windows key + E). All of the sounds are shown in this window and you can easily select the sounds that you would like to hear.
Once you have chosen the sounds that you prefer, you can save them to the program’s configuration file. While you are using the selected application, the sounds will be played back in real time.
There are no special instructions that have to be followed in order to install Microsoft Office 97 Sounds. Instead, the installation of the package is very easy and you will be provided with a couple of necessary components that are needed to make the sounds work on the system.
The collection of sounds that come with Microsoft Office 97 Sounds is not only big but it is also diverse. Over 30 sounds can be heard in the archive and they are all WAV files, ranging in the length of from 2 to 21 minutes. The package also comes with a couple of prerequisite components that have to be installed before the sounds can be used with the system.
It is possible to modify the sounds that you hear by using the Sounds Preferences window. At this point, the Sounds Preferences window will show all of the sounds included in the package and you can select the ones that you want to hear. For the selected sound, you can save it to the config file.






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What’s New in the Microsoft Office 97 Sounds?

Microsoft Office 97 Sounds is a comprehensive set of sounds from Microsoft's Office 97.

Software Library: Office 97 Sounds

1.97 MB

Microsoft Office 97 Sounds

Microsoft Office 97 Sounds lets you customize how you use the programs in Microsoft Office 97.
You can change the sounds used for different applications or change the sounds of key
operations in programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also change the sounds used for system alerts and reminders.
Microsoft Office 97 Sounds can be used as an upgrade to Office 97.

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System Requirements For Microsoft Office 97 Sounds:

Windows 7, 8, or 10
Mac OS 10.10 or later
16GB or more of available RAM
2GB of free space on the hard disk
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX or AMD Radeon 7850 graphics card with OpenGL version 4.6 or higher
Processor: 2.8GHz or faster (core clock speed)
Memory: 11GB or more
HDD: 60GB or more
Game: October 2017 or newer