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RevisionFX REFlex V5.2.8 (for AE) – SeuPirate .rar

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Python – Metaclass basic use case

What is a good example of when a class’s metaclass should be applied to the class itself?
Specifically, I have a metaclass that I have applied to some classes and I am trying to decide when it should be applied to the class itself.
def BaseClass():
def __init__(self):

def Attribute2(self):

class Attribute1(BaseClass):

class Attribute2(BaseClass):

class SimpleClass(BaseClass):

It is clear that I want SimpleClass to be as generic as possible, but I am unsure when the metaclass should be applied. In the above example, should Attribute1 use BaseClass or just Attribute1?


The base class has to be derived by any class that modifies its interface. If the base class has properties or methods that are not “obvious” to any derived class, then that’s an interface issue and shouldn’t be inherited by the derived class.
The reason for this is that the base class is supposed to be the common ground that all classes derive from. The base class has to provide every non-obvious method to any derived class.
In your example, maybe SimpleClass should derive from BaseClass, Attribute1, and Attribute2. Then BaseClass and Attribute1 don’t need to inherit from SimpleClass. It would be simpler if they all inherit from BaseClass, and then add Attribute2 to that base class.
Sometimes you do need to inherit from a class to make it available, but you need to think about what kind of data it could hold and what it does. Sometimes, all you want to inherit


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