Sims 3 Super Nude Patch 1 3 Full Self Installer |TOP|

29/11 0 By bronell

Sims 3 Super Nude Patch 1 3 Full Self Installer |TOP|

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Sims 3 Super Nude Patch 1 3 Full Self Installer

hi, i have downloaded and installed this patch for sims 3 and after a little while a pop-up window tells me i’m infected with “trojan horse.win32.sims3fullpatchvirus” if i click ok, i’m asked to restart my computer and it restarts. can you help me?

i installed sims 4 and it installed fine and everything was working until i tried to play and it told me “the product key you entered is not valid.” so i tried it again and it still wouldn’t work. so i went to try to fix it and it took me to a black screen with this error message: “the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. etc.”

once you have downloaded and installed the ls manager, the game will ask if you want to import the game data. once that is complete, it will then offer to import a new mastercopy. if you dont have this file, it will import it for you. if you do have this file, the ls manager will import it for you. if you do not have the ls manager, you can download it from the ls base. you can then import the ls manager from your ls base game directory to the game directory after you import the ls base.

it is the only one that i know of, i do not know if there are any others. there are 3 different types of installers, one for mac, one for linux, and the one for windows. the one that i linked is for windows and the mac and linux versions link to sims 2 packs so you might need to get the packs separately to get them to work. i know that the mac and linux versions are the same but i dont know if you have to get them seperately or just install the mac one to get the linux one to work. you can also do a free trial version, although you will have to check if it will work or not. if it does not, you can also download the installer for free.