Siemens Vdo Ncdr 1100 Code

29/11 0 By bronell

Siemens Vdo Ncdr 1100 Code


Siemens Vdo Ncdr 1100 Code

assemblyloadcontext context = new assemblyloadcontext(); type typetoload = context.load(assemblyname);

the above code loads a type called typetoload from the assembly named assemblyname. the assemblyname can be an assembly file, or it can be a file path of an assembly that is loaded by the assembly.load method. for example, if assemblyname were a path to an assembly, you would write the following:

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i found this to be most helpful when using a vdo type 10. i am in the process of switching over to the vdo type 10. however, it’s not working out as the new cdw needs to replace the previous one. i did not want to risk losing any code so i made a backup of the old cdw and just replaced it with the new one. this worked like a charm. if anyone has any thoughts on how to migrate this from an older vdo, i’d be grateful. i will follow up this question with a follow up question for my second issue.

i have a question. i used to have a vdo type 10 and used cdw for the vdo type 10. i used to use a scanner to run my codes. now i am trying to use a scanner for the vdo type 10 but it’s not working. it’s saying that it cannot find the vdo type 10. do you have any suggestions?

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