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KingSim PC Game Free Download

konami has been busy lately, with the release of the hungry birds: world tour for nintendo switch and its expansion (collects the original game and its expansion). last week, the company also released super smash bros. for nintendo switch, as well as the super nintendo entertainment system: super nes classic edition.

this is a great fighting game that focuses on 8-player local matches in a true brawler setting, with the game’s story driven around a single character, black dragon, who is being hunted by the government. if it sounds interesting, this is probably the game to get for fighting fans. black dragon is a character that many people remember fondly, with the game’s emphasis on huge movements, brutal combos and body-breaking mechanics, but with the fighting game genre evolving in recent years, this might be a title best left to those that enjoy that style of game. for fans of the genre, its well worth a look. 3/5

with the release of the tales from earthsea expansion, you can now explore the expansive tale of the whisperer in the north, the world of maj’eyal and other new regions and monsters. the game is also compatible with the nintendo switch, allowing you to bring this classic jrpg with you wherever you go. it might not have the same epic plot or compelling characters as some of the other titles in the series, but if you’re a fan of the genre and the world that developer nis has built, then this is a great addition to your switch library.

most of you know i have a soft spot for puzzle games, and the diamond is unbreakable is the best one for me. of course, you can play it on mobile phones as well, but the fact that you can play it on your pc is a huge bonus. this is one of the best puzzle games ive played on pc in years, and is absolutely a game i recommend to fans of the genre and anyone looking for something fun.