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Game X Men Origins Wolverine Pc Crack

I think its possible that its just too good to be true in this case, simply because weve seen way too many amazing comic book movies come to pass. Theres also the fact that Sony has publicly stated that it has no further plans for the Spider-Man game, while the X-Men franchise has lost a chunk of its audience over the years, so its possible that its just not as popular as it once was. But you want me to rule out a Spidey game, at this point? I dunno.

It looks like Marvel and Insomniac Games are using the Logan game to get the X-Men on everyone’s PS4 as soon as possible. Thats a good thing for fans, and a great thing for us. Thats like a PlayStation exclusive cast of characters weve been waiting for all along.

The new X-Men game looks fantastic, and thats an incredible game to get given that I have no idea what youre getting. But its actually a little bit of a worry that Insomniac doesn’t have any good Spider-Man games under their belt. Marvel and Insomniac have spent years building up Spider-Man as a video game franchise, but it took something closer to a decade to get something likeThe Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was supposed to be around 2016 by now, but the PS4 Spider-Man looks like a game for people to play on their phones and show friends.

Even better, the new X-Men game is getting to follow up something likeX-Men Origins: Wolverine, a funny, brutal and pop-culture-drenched game with a ton of stuff you couldnt get in the movie. If Marvel and Insomniac want us to buy this game, they need to give us more than a good script and a talented director.