Ben 10 Alien Force 720p Mkv EXCLUSIVE

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Ben 10 Alien Force 720p Mkv EXCLUSIVE


Ben 10 Alien Force 720p Mkv

when an alien force season is released, audiences the world over can expect to know every single song by heart, as they have all been hammered by it at least once in their lives. venetian snares returns to electronic music’s hallowed hall of fame with alien force, which sheds new light on the alien brood. for one thing, it is the first of the alien force series to be released not as a “seasons” release, but as a one-off. it is also the first, but certainly not the last, to be commercially released by brownie dog, the label that has been the guiding light of the snares brand since its inception, and for which he is one of the label’s most consistently in-demand signings. all of which is to say that alien force is huge, batshit crazy, and the most hardcore and trippy album of its kind since net a porter’s “absolute vocal training”. but if that’s not reason enough to pick it up, i don’t know what is.

kevin has since been apprehended by the u.s. government for sending a horde of shape-shifting alien creatures to earth. his real-world talents and characters served the aliens well, but the government decided to keep him imprisoned on the island of nauru. kevin also went back to helping the tennysons, having since realized that ben 10 is an alien invasion that is taking over the world and he has to find a way to stop it. he is also having nightmares about alien faces that appear to kevin’s consciousness when he sleeps, hence the creation of his alter-ego, kevin tennyson.

season 1

on july 21, 2008, cartoon network announced that they will start airing the first season of ben 10: alien force on monday, august 2, 2008. the series aired its first season from october 2, 2008, and it went on to acquire a trl of 9.0. the season premiered in the united states on cartoon network, with repeats on adult swim. the season went on to acquire a following of over 3.3 million viewers. season 1 ends on a cliffhanger and a new plot; it was announced on november 6, 2008, that the series would begin to revolve around ben’s quest to become “more awesome than ever” – and that the series would be retitled ben 10: ultimate alien. a new ben 10 web series was also announced. it premiered on december 2, 2009, and was called ben 10: alien force: inside zone.