Motorola Radio Gm360 BEST Download Software Zip

24/11 0 By bronell

Motorola Radio Gm360 BEST Download Software Zip


Motorola Radio Gm360 Download Software Zip

This driver for Win XP can be found here: . Also, if you plug the programming cable into the radio and the transmitter turns on, . then, most likely, this station is not a radio station at all. You just have to install the one you need into the radio station. To do this, go to the station menu: â–  and select the tab â–  , and then select the profile you need. Remember that you can only select one profile, as it saves all information about it, including all settings. â–º If desired, you can set the radio to standby mode by first putting it on charge. To do this, select from the radio menu: â–  .