Steinberg € HALion 6.3.0 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX X64 __FULL__

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Steinberg € HALion 6.3.0 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX X64 __FULL__


Steinberg € HALion 6.3.0 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX X64

steinberg announced steinberg halion 6, its first major audio workstation update since the halion 5.3 release in april 2016. steinbergs flagship halion stand-alone sound creation system makes it straightforward for pros and amateurs to design and sample the sorts of impressive realistic soundscapes that define the cutting edge music production tool. the halion sonic software sampler, with its data-driven onboard sound-synthesizer engine is a vst3 (vst 2 for macos) plug-in format that allows you to create and playback sampled instruments by utilizing your own additional content

rxpress eax 2 software synthesizer is a stand-alone version of rxpress eax 2, which is integrated into the halion sonic software sampler. rxpress eax 2 offers on board eax sound engine and a powerful editor with a wide range of tools and functions to further optimize and customize instrument sounds. rxpress eax 2 can be used as a vsti au plugin and thus offers you the benefit of the powerful high-level eax sound engine without being embedded in halion and without losing the best features and functions within halion. rxpress eax 2 includes more functions for sound editing and instrument sound optimization than the stand-alone version of rxpress eax 1.

halion 6 is steinbergs flagship product in the halion line of professional audio/acoustic synthesizer. steinbergs flagship halion sound creation system includes the best drum sampler to date, a comprehensive and easy-to-use software sampler with an onboard sound synthesis engine, a workflow system for creating and editing new instruments and sound editor that gives you a powerful and versatile sound creation system that is tailor-made for professionals and amateurs alike.

The complete creative workflow from recording and editing to performance, recording and editing, is available within the HALion 6 software. Metronomes and sequencers for drumming, conductors, singer or live player are included.
The versatile HALion 6 software includes also massive parallelized sound engines, a flexible GUI as well as powerful tools for custom synthesis. 48 highly optimized sample engines, a completely new sample playback engine and a comprehensive metric are highly configurable, state-of-the-art synthesis engines for complex sound generation.
The synthesizer engine HALion 6 with its two parallel VST-able synthesis engines let you generate comprehensive, yet easily controllable, sophisticated sounds. MIDI data is handled directly by the engine itself allowing unlimited flexibility, even for very complex sound sequences. New features include the introduction of Modulation Matrix and Multi-Modulation sequencers, also the next generation of Digital Audio Workstation’s sound engines.
The flexible and intuitive graphical editor HALion 6 is an ideal tool for sound design, mastering and performance. The powerful editor offers extensive editing features and a comprehensive set of instruments, effects, sample editors and presets. A wide range of performance tools allow you to create, play, edit and record performances with Steinbergs powerful USB-Powered VST interface.
The HALion 6 integrated key and performance analysis tool allows you to hear, sort and analyze the sound content of your projects. Load sound content and instruments, process them and save them directly to a disk. Combine all sorts of samples and instruments to create your own unique percussion sounds. Compose, record and edit entire songs using HALion’s powerful GUI editor. All the tools you need are at your fingertips.