IATKOS V7 Mac OS X86 Leopard 10.5.7 For PC (Intel AMD SSE2, SSE3) 32

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IATKOS V7 Mac OS X86 Leopard 10.5.7 For PC (Intel AMD SSE2, SSE3) 32

i have the 15″ powerbook g4, and have tried quite a few different things to get 10.5.7 to work, and not one worked. i even went into each folder, and tried to update the dvd file, and nothing seemed to work. i also tried to use a different dvd to do the update, and still no luck. i did however, manage to get the mini 10.2 to work on a laptop and not the desktop. (which is my fault for not installing an external modem). i also have the vista cd for the one with the intel g33 core2 duo. my isp is verizon with my modem/router being on the wireless network.
i tryed to install and got a error that said, macintosh os failed to start. a fatal error has occurred. i was able to start the computer in safe mode, but was unable to do anything with the disks or a reset. the dvd was scratched and i decided to take it back and get a new one. now the disk is functioning fine. i did not remove the disc because i am thinking it will be necessary some time.
with the new dvd i tried to install in safe mode. it took a few minutes before it booted and the dvd had a options menu and an option to start the upgrade. i selected to start and it seemed to be doing its thing. i ran it for over an hour before manually restarting the computer and restarting.
it got the apple logo, and after a few seconds it goes into safe mode. i boot it up, close the lid, and there it goes. i then go to the apple store.com and plug into it a video card that i had sitting around the house.
i have watched the little video card in the store and now im writing this. i still dont get an lvwp.
so i tried kalyway
ive tried vanilla before the upgrade
ive used the command line trick to get it to work. my browser works. its a good picture of earth (programs as background). now i want to see.mov move to the lower left hand corner and am typing this very letter — post from steve.

i have a 1525 and have done a lot of tinkering to get it to work, but im still unable to install. i want it to recognize that the mouse has changed from a usb mouse to the bluetooth mouse. i also would like to know how to do some screen brightening. it would make it alot easier to see in the dark. if i could get the bluetooth adapter to recognize the mouse that would also be good. lastly, i would like to know where the install disk is (i use the iatkos iso on my externals) step one: install bluetooth receiver my mouse didnt work so i went online and was pointed to this site: http://blog.magictechnologies.net/2009/09/how-to-install-and-use-your-bluetooth.html step two: install bluetooth adapter go to the bluetoothd folder and open the bluetoothdevicemanager.cpp file. find the if statement that looks something like this: if (it->localdevice) and find the device id using the if(it->localdevice) statement. this is where i would copy the locationid you got from the bluetooth card. the locationid can be found by using the bluetooth controller. open the bluetooth control centre and click on ‘edit devices’ and add a new entry for your mouse. once added, click on the bluetooth icon in the top right of the system preferences and you should see your mouse listed there. click connect and power up your bluetooth mouse. success! now, does this work with the 1525? not sure but i plan on trying it out later today. i know it works on my computer, so i dont know why it wont work on the 1525, but i am pretty sure it will. step three: brighten the screen while i hadnt heard of a program that would work on a 1525, i was directed to this site: http://www.ulogic.com/iatkos/topic8.html step four: install osx i decided to install the new iatkos onto my external hd. i open disk utility and as i mentioned before, i created two partitions of about 15gb. this time i made my entire drive to install to instead of just (/) and (/), and of course i did backup the data off of the mac partition.