Cambridge Real Reading 2 With Answers !!TOP!! Free Download

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Cambridge Real Reading 2 With Answers !!TOP!! Free Download


Cambridge Real Reading 2 With Answers Free Download

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to write this extensive response, that answers many of the problems I had with the testing.
I do have a couple of concerns though, if you don’t mind:

I thought the phrase “expressing one’s place or opinion in an appropriate and reasonable way”, in the case of question 4, question 5 and question 7, meant that you were required to explain where and how the poet expressed their opinion. I agree with your response on question 4, but I was confused by question 5 and question 7. This is because I haven’t really understood the meaning of the phrase. If the phrase is supposed to mean “comparing one thing to another”, then isn’t the question asking for our opinions of the poet?
I thought the phrase meant the man “expressed his opinion through his writing”, because you said it can be used on questions about poetry. But the phrase “through his writing” seems to mean the man wrote something on one topic in the poem and then compared it to other things. For example:

I am studying 12.5/11 this year for m grade. I have taken 12.5 last year. What i have to do now is I have to do reading comprehension which is a bit complicated for me. I m not very fluent in english so can you please guide me with a good book that teaches me to improve in the area of reading.

hey.. i know that i need practice.. but i do not really know where to start. my book has 6 reading test and i have taken 2 test so far. where is the best place to start. i dont want to take both test at the same time. i want to focus on one test.

You can use the book itself, a dictionary and the correct answers of the practice tests for practice. When you have the answers, you can practise to check your answers. This can help with the test. Also remember to rate your answers, this will help you on the test and improve your understanding of the test questions. Do not worry if you do not get all the answers right at once as you can learn from your mistakes. Remember to stay calm in the test centre and try to avoid reading or thinking about the material at the test. Try to relax and make the most of the time.
You can find answers if you keep reading the questions in the practice test that you already have marked. You can also write or practise aloud to help your memory. Also, it is not enough to have a good knowledge base of vocabulary. You need to be able to apply that knowledge in the test to answer questions correctly. This is why the test is word-based. So you also need to have a good understanding of how words are used in the English language.
I suggest having a full 30 days of practice before you come to the test. It is better to have practice tests and assessments via IELTS Practice Band 6 certificate, then a free IELTS Online Profile Practice Band 6 Certificate. It gives you a chance to test your own skill, rather than guessing at a level where you might embarrass yourself in the real test. The online IELTS practice test is a great way to familiarize yourself with the test.
For the IELTS Speaking and Writing test, you should go to the Speaking and Writing page and click on the two sections – the Speaking Test and the Writing Test. This is the same for the IELTS speaking test as the IELTS reading test. I suggest that you take the real test straight away, and then try the IELTS practice test and if you feel confident, you can move on to the real test.