Age Of Empires II HD The Forgotten-RELOADED [EXCLUSIVE]

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Age Of Empires II HD The Forgotten-RELOADED [EXCLUSIVE]

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Age Of Empires II HD The Forgotten-RELOADED

after a long career in the great khanate, ambitious barbarians reach a ripe old age, and on their deathbeds, they name you successor to the khanship. it’s up to you to steer the three-headed khanate empire to its greatest heights in this new age of empires ii: the forgotten expansion!

  • new age system: age up your units and research new technologies as your empire grows.
  • new tech tree and units: with over 30 new technologies, the most varied tech tree to date, and a variety of new units, age of empires ii: the forgotten is all about bringing you more options for customization.
  • new leaders: play as three new leaders: the chinese warrior kang cheng, the european mercenary and leader of the brotherhood of the dark moon, ashar khan, and the fearsome saracen warrior, amir amir.
  • new gameplay features: with new custom multiplayer maps, new multiplayer modes, and new multiplayer hotkeys, age of empires ii: the forgotten is perfect for the most veteran of players!

age of empires ii hd the forgotten-reloaded

the ultimate age of empires ii experience in high-fidelity 4k on the xbox one x enhanced, playstation 4 pro and pc. the forgotten is the next great expansion pack to the age of empires ii: the age of kings series. discover vast new continents with an age up mechanic and unique units with their own specializations and abilities. the forgotten introduces seven additional single player campaigns (alaric, bari, sforza, dracula, el dorado, prithviraj, and battles of the forgotten). the forgotten campaign is, like the battles of the conquerors campaign in age of empires ii: the conquerors, a set of unrelated scenarios relating the stories of several medieval battles: the honfoglals, the battle of langshan jiang, the battle of bukhara, the battle of york, dos pilas, the battle of bapheus, and the conquest of cyprus.

there are also many changes to the interface. forgotten empires has a unit and a tech tree that can be seen on the map, but there are other changes. forgotten empires is more friendly to the console player who plays on a touch screen. and i should note here that forgotten empires still has an options menu.
those features are all present and correct, but the game is far simpler than it was before. the british empire had a special unit called a leopard, which was basically a version of the american lion that had been improved with a faster reload speed. in the forgotten empires, there are no such units. the british, french, and spanish empires each have a lion unit, but they don’t do anything different. it’s a noticeable difference, but the game is still fun, and for something that’s been around for over 20 years, i find it a bit sad that something as iconic as the leopard has been dropped. i certainly do not feel that way about the auto-leveling, where any unit in the game can now be leveled at a moment’s notice. when auto-leveling was first added, i remember playing a lot of games of age of empires ii, and my canadian opponents would often send their sniper sissy out into the middle of the map and get himself a hit and run chance. i’d send my own sniper sissy and laugh at him while i did. i mean, the game is age of empires after all. it’s pretty nice to now be able to do the same thing.
another feature that i have not touched on is the graphics. before, there were a few places in the game where old pixel art from the original age of empires ii was used. these look nice, but the rest of the game was all new artwork. the new graphics look fantastic, and it’s a nice switch-up that was overdue. i would have to say that if you’re a fan of the original game, you will like what this new look has to offer.