Soniccouture € Sheng Khaen Sho (KONTAKT)

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Soniccouture € Sheng Khaen Sho (KONTAKT)

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Soniccouture € Sheng Khaen Sho (KONTAKT)

soniccouture instruments are available for windows and mac. all instruments are available as downloads. they are a wonderful way to explore new sounds and techniques, and to create unique instruments. when developing these instruments, soniccouture have worked closely with musicians and producers to ensure that the instruments are complete and functional. they are not a cheap way to produce samples, but they are a very accessible way to create unique instruments. there are other instruments available from soniccouture that are not included in this collection. check out their site to see what else they offer.
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publisher : soniccouture website : soniccouture format : kontakt quality : 24 bit 96 khz stereo description : soniccouture has announced the release of the attic 2, a kontakt library featuring 18 vintage synthesizers and keyboards. the update complements the original collection with 8 new instruments: arp omni 2, cheetah ms800, crumar dp80, farfisa vip 345, moog read more

the sheng instrument page features comprehensive control over the instrument behaviour, with user configurable breath control, including inhale /exhale switching,pitch offset andinstability. a full set of envelopes, lfos and filters add creative possibilites.

if you are looking to expand your kontakt arsenal with top shelf instruments at a killer price, this is your stop. pick up some of the best percussion, synths, strings and cinematic soundscapes available! this doesnt appear to be something you can even normally purchase at any discount, let alone 80%. kontakt player is a free virtual instrument sample playback engine. it is required to play the instruments in this collection. you can also purchase single soniccouture instruments for 50% if the entire collection isnt what youre after. but act fast, this sale is happening now over at native instruments for a very limited time.

the muai is a thai instrument similar to the vietnamese sheng. in the early 20th century the name “muai” was applied to all the instruments of the region. it can be plucked with the palm of the hand or with the thumb, but is more usually plucked with the whole hand and used to accompany dance music. the strings are set at the player’s knee level and the players are required to bend down to reach them. the plucking hand is placed on the strings with the thumb and the ring finger and the third finger lie on the top of the strings.
thesheng is a chinese string instrument played with the mouth. it consists of a number of tuning-pegs which are normally tied to a bamboo pole. the strings are sounded by the player blowing into a pipe on the top of the instrument and a reed inside produces the sound. the player moves their lips to sound the strings.
the khaen is a mechanical musical instrument, with 9 keys, 6 of which are metal strips and the remaining 3 are percussive. each metal strip is connected to a sensor with a jack to a microcontroller. the device has three main modes: normal, single and double strike. the single strike mode allows you to play a single note, the double strike mode allows the player to play two notes simultaneously.
publisher : soniccouture website : soniccouture format : kontakt quality : 24 bit 48 khz stereo description : soniccouture has announced the release of its new moonkits sample library, the kontakt instrument library featuring drum sounds recorded at konks north london studio, founded and still owned by ray davis of the kinks. requires kontakt 6 or kontakt read more