The Smurfs (2011) [Dublat Romana]

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The Smurfs (2011) [Dublat Romana]

in the episode “the smurfs are coming”, he is shown to be an inept but lovable character who tries to be a good leader but finds himself more often than not under the watchful eye of his more capable (and better looking) teammates.

when the smurfs heard the hymn they fell into the fire, but as the smurfs were singing, they were so happy that they forgot to duck. so they just hung out in the fire, until papa smurf came to check on them. papa smurf then went to put the smurfs out, but he couldn’t, because he’s smurf. he then threw the smurfs a rope to climb out of the fire. as they climbed out of the fire, they were met by the terrible gargamel, who was angry because they burnt his dishes.

the smurfs were then put into a cell, and they tried to climb the wall, but they were caught on the spikes. the trap was designed to catch gargamel. he then went to a tree and lit a fire so that the smurfs would eventually get hot. papa smurf then came to get them. he said that he would bring them to the human and put them to sleep. but gargamel was awake, and he hid himself on a ledge, waiting for the smurfs to come down.

papa smurf said to gargamel that he was the most clever smurf and the smartest, because he knew how to get to the humans. so, they went to the human’s house. the human’s name was hank, and he was a scientist. he helped the smurfs through the window. hank took the smurfs to the lab, and he put them to sleep. while they were sleeping, hank started taking some samples of their dna. then, he put the smurfs to sleep with some food, and let them sleep there.

smurfette’s name is revealed to be smurfette in the smurfs movie. one of the movie’s main characters, in fact, is her, although she is mostly shown from behind. she is the most humanlike smurf, and is very clumsy, easily hurt by surprises, and loves to sing and dance. she also loves eating and sleeping, but not much else, and if the smurfs’ house is on fire, she can be found sleeping on the roof. her favorite part of the day is when she gets to play with the other smurfs, a game called smurfing, which is a kind of hide and seek played with the smurfs, which involves one smurf hiding in a wardrobe, while the others look for him. in the movie, smurfette is played by katy perry in a cameo appearance.
after the initial song, the smurfs dances on the stage playing songs featuring the characters smurfette, brainy, and clumsy. brainy is convinced that they will sell like hotcakes if they make another smurf movie. it is decided that they will put the rest of the smurfs in costumes and try to sell them. they will dance in the background during the movie, and perform a song after each dance. brainy suggests that they should release a “snurf-pimp” album, and the rest of the smurfs agree.
as the smurfs sing a song about their adventures after they left smurf village, brainy and smurfette are seen talking about the possibility of appearing as a synchronized musical duo on the bbc, and her idea to sing about her dream of becoming a snurf-pimp.
the symbol of all the smurfs. the supreme being of the smurfs. he is the head of all smurfs. and he is the one in charge. he has a big, round head. he always wears his hood and carries a staff to protect himself. he is a wise, spiritual man.