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this isnt the only way to reduce the amount of blue light from the screen. however, careueyes doesn’t have any features to limit the amount of blue light from the screen, but it helps in reducing the blue light that reaches your eyes.

this is a simple application that can be used to improve the color of the screen and your sleep. it could even help reduce eye strain. careueyes reduces eye strain and enhances the sleep of users by adjusting the color temperature of the screen and the brightness of the room. you can also reduce visual fatigue at night by adjusting the color temperature of the screen. the positive effects of this application include reducing the onset of night blindness and visual fatigue, and improving your sleep quality, since you will have less eye strain. users claim to have had the ability to reduce visual fatigue after using this program.

when you move from a dark to a bright room, the human eye has a hard time adjusting to the abrupt change in light. this is where careueyes can help. an app, which is designed to help you sleep better, reduce eye strain, and increase computer productivity. there are several other programs like this, however, careueyes is simple, intuitive, and free, and above all it keeps you safe from blue light.

if you face eyes ache while using a computer at night, careueyes is a nice software to help reduce the strain. it comes with several modes including sleep/focus/auto brightness/presets/color temperature and, of course, the mode can be easily changed in this software.

when it comes to the blue light filter, it lets you pick from 5 modes and 3 temperatures to adjust: normal, custom, game, movie, night, and reading. the auto mode automatically changes modes based on time, in the custom mode you can select the temperature, and you can also change the temperature to either the custom or normal temperature.
whether youre reading a book, watching a movie, or working for extended periods on a tablet or laptop, blue light can cause eye strain. careueyes provides a simple yet powerful solution, which solves two major problems related to eye strain.
the application helps reduce blue light, as well as other pollutants from a screen that may cause vision problems. it also helps you adjust the brightness and color temperature of a screen to help you relax your eyes.
this software monitors and adjusts the color temperature and brightness of your computer. it can be set to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your screen after a certain amount of time. the blue light filtering can easily be turned off.
careueyes for windows is a free program from aero düüner gmbh. it has a clean, easy to use interface with options to set 8 preset profiles for different activities. this screen filter also allows the adjustment of the screen color temperatures with presets, which you can use depending on your current activity.
reduce eye strain with the simple and visually pleasing careueyes software. this application has been made to help people stay relaxed and focused. it acts as a filter and can be used to stop blue light that has an impact on your vision.