Knjiga Dresura Pasa Pdf

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Knjiga Dresura Pasa Pdf


Knjiga Dresura Pasa Pdf

7 Mitova o Ljubavi.pdf – Free download as PDF file (.pdf) or view … Download as PDF or read online from Scribd … Dresura pasa knjiga 2.pdf. Download as PDF.
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In the world of animals
A sound mind in a sound body.
Who’s the strongest
In a healthy body
A healthy body has a healthy spirit.
It’s common knowledge, but why not philosophize a little about our body, our health, and our spirit.
Our body is constantly changing: every day, every minute, every second.
It gets stronger, healthier, it gets more organs, it grows, it gets old and it dies.
This is natural.
We should all be glad that we are not able to change it.
We can only try to take care of our bodies, which we received from God.
And it’s a lot easier than we think it is.
The next day we wake up and start the day with the following thought, “Oh, I am nothing.
I don’t deserve to exist.
I have no basis for anything to be mine.”
Then we experience feelings of fear, helplessness and nothingness.
We feel that we are incapable of doing anything to change our lives for the better.
We are unable to change our parent or friend, unable to make a difference at work or personally.
But we are not!
We are able to change our lives, to change for the better.
But we can’t do that if we don’t start with small steps.
With small steps that we take in the right direction.
If we take those small steps, over time, we will change our life for the better.
That’s what small steps are all about.
To take a step in the right direction and move in that direction, we must have a very clear plan.
We must not act blindly, we must go toward a goal that inspires us.


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