DownloadKillCmos64Bits ~UPD~

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DownloadKillCmos64Bits ~UPD~

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Jan 8, 2561 BE – KILLCMOS 1.0 Downloads: 109002, Size: 7.28 KB. Removes CMOS password. The program requires the .NET Framework 4. In order to run the program, it must be downloaded, unzipped, and then run Setup.exe.
You may need to select a language to launch it.
On this page you can download BIOSKill to boot, install and upgrade your operating system from your computer without using Windows disks.
With this utility you can start and stop the operating system boot process, as well as shut down the operating system completely.

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DownloadKillCmos64Bits is a freeware to see if your windows system is infected. So if your system is infected then you can easily eliminate it using this software.