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So here we are finally with the top 10 software cracker websites that we have to share with you all. Hope you found it interesting and enjoyable and do subscribe to us on youtube. Thank You all for being part of our niche 🙂

Be here to know the top 10 software cracker websites which we have shared with you in this article. If you have any question, you can let me know in the comment section below. However if you have any legal issue regarding the software, so just stop this article and contact the concerned authorities.

I have been a huge fan of WinRAR since the very beginning, mostly because it’s my favorite archive type. I owned all three of the listed versions of WinRAR up until WinRAR 3.0. WinRAR 3.0 had all of its features stripped. This was unfortunate, but it was the only way to get the file size growth and upgrade to a SHA1 secure checking file size. However, it was the only version that did not allow the removal of extension support. This did not matter to me at the time because I didn’t use it much, but then I started to use WinRAR more, and I would run into issues. Because the same file name would be used for the same archived file. Thus, it would cause issues when searching for a file with the same name as an existing archive, as it would find it. This has since been fixed with version 5.0. As for version 2.x, it was lacking a lot of things from the beginning. Once again, it had all features stripped. Version 3.0 also became more developer friendly, so it had better code. The new web interface and icon thing was a mistake though. I see that now and just ignore it. If you can’t get the layout you are used to, stick with WinRAR 5.0.