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The most obvious way for a crack to be fraudulent is by claiming to deliver cracked software without any support for doing so. There are thousands of cracked apps, so simply asking for a crack is unlikely to get you one. Be careful if a company asks you for a crack for an app that you have already purchased. You might be getting malware delivered to you from an otherwise legitimate website.

The current situation is extremely perilous if a user uses a cracked app for personal use. Several of the most popular Android phones run on the latest OS version, OS Marshmallow, which is still running on about 50% of all Android devices. Unpatched, they all have the possibility of being a target for virus and malware attacks and, while few of these vulnerabilities have been exploited so far, given the millions of devices affected, the chance is still high.

Although cracks are often posted on sites such as Funkydiy , the goal of these sites is to get people to download and use cracked apps. There is very little support available for these apps. In fact, most of the time, there is no support at all – the app is merely listed to entice people to download it.

At some point, the page might say “Download Now.” Don’t – there are no guarantees. If the cracked app is not what you want and you don’t want malware, you will have no way to uninstall it or get help if you run into problems. The only way to get rid of the app is to either restore your Android device to the state it was when you first got it or download Android Clean.