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What is the difference between kbench and kcachegrind?

I am new to profiling a c application. I am looking for simple profiling tool.
I found kcachegrind and kbench.
Am I miss anything here??


Kcachegrind is a graph based profiler for C code.
As it is built into KDE, it includes a large number of features (for example, session management) as well as a large number of plugins.
kbench is a simple throughput measurement tool. It is more simple than the KCachegrind in many ways, and it works fine for that type of profiling.


On the other hand, KCachegrind has much more functionality than kbench. A simple usage example for KCachegrind is:

Load software and run test with valgrind

kcachegrind will draw a screenshot of valgrind then you start profiling with different parameters.

If you hit a printf() in your code, it will show the source code line with the statement

If you hit a malloc(), it will show the function call which may include parameters

If you hit a malloc(), it will show where you are allocating (line, file, function, variable)


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