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Is it possible to reverse an SSL certificate?

Is it possible to reverse a certificate so that I know how that certificate was issued? I remember at one time receiving a certificate that I couldn’t verify for some strange reason. So, I know the certificate was issued to the server by a public CA. But, can I reverse it to find out what that CA was?


Some caveats:

When you buy a SSL certificate from the trusted CA, they actually authenticate that the certificate is valid and bound to the claimed domain. (They may also include other information in the certificate that doesn’t include the key that is used to verify it. This validation is not possible to reverse, it is just there to guarantee that you are talking to the correct web server.)
There are ways to validate that a certificate is indeed signed by a trusted CA. (There are also ways to verify that the CA cert is published by that CA, and there are ways to verify that the issued certificate is not spoofed.) These methods often include an objective factor, such as that the CA uses MD5 as a signature scheme, and the specific certificate is signed by a trusted CA, and it is “recent”. This doesn’t have to be a hard fact, it is more of a measure than anything. If it was possible to fully test that a certificate is signed by a CA and that the CA doesn’t use MD5 as a signature scheme, there would be no reason to buy it from the CA, because any CA that is even an approximate trusted CA would be doing all of this for you already.
Having said that, there are scenarios when this would be possible: say if you got a certificate with MD5, and the CA reported on the certificate that it was signed by “security CA” and had a “validity” period, it might be possible to validate that the certificate actually came from that CA, even if they were

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How to access my AWS RDS via my Mac

I am new to AWS. I want to spin up an EC2 instance and connect it to my RDS. I am using my mac to spin up the EC2 instance and connected to my RDS.
I use “aws” to spin up the EC2 instance. To see it:
me@mac:~$aws ec2 describe-instances –instance-ids i-xxxxxxxxxx
“Reservations”: [