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Your issue is that you are trying to decode the raw string, not the encoded one. You should instead be decoding the encoded string, then decoding the encoded string again with Base64 (using the raw string as the output string), and then finally decoding the encoded string again using Base64. Doing it this way should solve the problem.

10 Things you didn’t know you could do with your smartphone

by Daniel Flynn, CNN

(CNN) — Can you get a great photograph or a sound recording with a smartphone? Can you use your smartphone as a GPS navigation device? Can it help manage your health? All of those things are possible, and here are ten more.

1. An app can turn the smartphone into an on-the-go camera.

iReporter Radu Liberman took this photo with his iPhone.

Image courtesy Radu Liberman/iReport

Here’s a photo from Radu Liberman’s iReport story: “Peru is the one place in the world where the Andes meet the Amazon, and in the highlands of Peru, you can see the beauty of the two worlds at once…. I was in Peru during Cinco de Mayo, when the people celebrate with lots of color. But the color wasn’t just in the clothes, it was also in the faces and houses. I spotted a man, a girl, and a dog in a traditional Peruvian dress. It’s an older dress, as you can see the distinctive colors and patterns, which would be impossible to create without the help of an ancient textile dyeing system…. Then there are the villagers. ”

2. An app can turn the smartphone into a barometer.

Check the wind speed and direction at your local bar.

Image courtesy David Ma

An app called “WindStalker” can turn the iPhone into a barometer. The manufacturer claims that the app provides forecasts for more than 60 locations, including your home, the nearest air conditioner and the nearest place to get a stiff drink.

3. An app can help you play games.

There are thousands of games available for the iPhone, ranging from classic games like tetris to puzzles to a highly interactive version of the classic game Pong. There are also hundreds of games that are sold by the manufacturer that are specifically designed for the iPhone.

4. An app can help you communicate.

RSS Reader lets you

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