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Roblox is a game development system and online social platform for creating Flash and HTML5 games.

There is certainly no way to describe Roblox in one sentence, but here are some highlights:
You can create games using Roblox games.

Users can make and play their own games using the Creator, Designer, and Player programs.

The games made by Roblox can be downloaded and played in any web browser.

Roblox has a programming language, code names, and set of tools that are used for the creation of games.

Roblox games are distributed on a number of different platforms, including the web, mobile phones, and video games consoles.

Roblox is the first game creation system to allow users to create and play games made for HTML5, a move to make the platform more mobile and accessible.

From the name, Roblox stands for Robust Library of Xbox Experiments. This is a collection of gaming systems, code bases, titles, libraries, and various other different things. Roblox was known to be a multiplayer game creator software platform until August 2017, as its games are meant to be played alone by the player. Instead of being used for a game, Roblox has become an online social platform, with their games being used as a method of socialization.

Although Roblox is free to play, several in-game purchases are available to users. Roblox makes a portion of its revenue through in-game items and advertising.

Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2006 as a game design system that allows users to create games with the game creation tool Roblox Studio. The first version of the platform was released in the summer of 2006. The two developers decided to create their own game development platform rather than use a game development platform that was already in existence. The rationale behind this choice was that they wanted to make a game creation tool that was both simple to use and also offered a wide range of customization options.

When Roblox was first released, the game engine was not very powerful; the first Roblox games were simple ports of Flash games. The original platform supported a wide range of Adobe Flash game engines, such as SWFQuest, FlashBuilder, and FlashPunk. By mid-2010, a Java version of Roblox was created, though Java was not initially supported by several of the game engines


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WPMedia, Inc. is a company that owns and operates numerous online websites and services. In addition, it creates content for companies and publications. They are one of the world’s leading on-demand marketplaces for the distribution of content for the games industry. Since 2010, WPMedia, Inc. has been a subsidiary of Mindshare, Inc.

The company was launched in 2000 and has been headquartered in Palo Alto, CA since that time. WPMedia, Inc. has been active in the gaming industry since 2008. Before that, they were formally known as Roku, Inc. and already offered its services online. Roku, Inc. got into the business of online media streaming before companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

As a subsidiary of Mindshare, Inc., WPMedia, Inc. focuses on creating and distributing video games, websites, mobile applications, and game demos. They have generated enough revenue and profits from their business to operate as a self-sustaining business since 2010. Because of its strong fundamentals, WPMedia, Inc. was able to turn its shareholders’ money into cash in a short time.

WPMedia, Inc. came about because of Roku, Inc. The founders, Sean Parker and Chris Sacca, were looking to get into media streaming when they started Roku, Inc. Roku, Inc. already had experience in the field, while Sean Parker and Chris Sacca were entrepreneurs who knew the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

The company needed to be able to stream media legally and quickly. The issue was that it took a lot of time and effort to legally obtain entertainment content and still had to use outside sources to make sure the content was not being illegally copied. Sean Parker and Chris Sacca saw this as a problem.

Sean Parker and Chris Sacca saw the opportunity to combine their resources and experience to create a company that would do what no one else was doing. Roku, Inc. was able to become a leading player in the media streaming industry and a leader in the industry of creating online content.


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