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The “Online Creator’s Community” was the original intention of Roblox developer David Baszucki and his brother Erik. “When we started, we were creating a program that was similar to Second Life, except it was all about building blocks, and everyone had their own giant LEGO®-like universe in there. It was called, ‘Minecraft, except with blocks,’ or more simply ‘Minecrafty,’” Erik later recalled. Erik, as the primary author, added more unique features to make the game more user-friendly and easier to navigate.
Both brothers made a profit through advertising revenue, which was only 50% of their initial revenue target. They initially went to the investment company, South Park Partners, to seek funding for Roblox in their 2002 attempt. Unfortunately, South Park Partners did not think Roblox was worth investing in and would only pay $100,000. David and Erik attempted to build their own business and create their own funding, but the company still did not thrive.
“In 2002, we had this company called Roblox Studios, and we were about to launch it as a service. There were multiple payment methods, and we had all these great plans and ideas,” Erik said. “We were almost ready to launch, and that is when South Park Partners came to us and said ‘We can help you. We have a $100,000 investment to give you.’”
“That sounds amazing, but it’s completely unrealistic,” David admitted. “This is Roblox. We had no money at all.” Fortunately, they were introduced to the e-commerce business. “At that point we were running our business, and our parents were helping out. We knew that we could put our own money into it,” David said. “That’s why we bought this website domain,” added Erik.
After the purchase of the domain, the brothers spent over two years working on the Roblox program by themselves. During this period, the company grew from seven to 14 employees. In October 2004, they founded Roblox Studios and opened the Roblox portal.
“We began to build out the game a little bit. We had a three-player shooter game, then we built out the character creator,” Erik said. “We wanted to start with character creation, because


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This cheat is unfortunately quite near the edge of its abilities. Many inventory slots are much too easy to fill up. Not to mention, the people on the server care more about the server than the project’s strength. Since this chat log is purely for documentation purposes for the project, the chat chat log is protected from robots.

Make sure you’ve backed it up first. Since you’re using a Robot, it’ll be a lot of extra work and be unfair. On many servers, robotic players can overrule the game logic of any human, and so, their actions will always be overpowered. Just take this project to the admins, and they should adjust the players to be fair, and maybe restrict what it is you want to do.

Roblox, in theory, is very simple to play. However, for some reason, there have been quite a few glitches so far on this account, and the game logic may be a bit different.

Here are some in-game tips:

Hold down the ‘Pause’ button to pause the game. You may be able to skip to certain levels and the cutscenes to unlock things easier.

The Leaderboards are important to look at, but there are a lot of glitches. There is a lot of problems with Roblox, in general. There’s only a few people online at any given time, and not enough server for players to have fun on.

At the very least, make sure you back up your files. It’s all you have to go back to.

The game crashes a lot.

If this character is no longer working on this account, please let me know. I’ve tried to fix this robot, but there’s no way I can. You’d think it would be that simple to fix a bug, but of course, you’re not creating a perfect code. The first thing to do, is to test if it’s an error. If it is, then recode it.

This should be backed up. The aim is to be careful with it.

Data integrity is important. Make sure that, all it’s data is backed up by a strong or verified backup service.

I’ve been pretty successful on its usage. Using it in a stage-battle (during a PS3 superheatship battle), its knowledge of the game helped me get a first place victory. While it’s not perfect, I still think it’s definitely an


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To add Robux to your account without logging in, redeem a gift voucher for 10,000 Robux.

As you can see, Roblox does not generate free Robux. Robux can only be made with money, and more money does not give you more Robux. An important point to mention is that you can only get Robux once, as you can only get gift vouchers once.

These means of generating free Robux allow you to:

Get more Robux than you would normally buy using your normal means
Get Robux as a gift without having to talk to a human

Note that it’s possible that these methods are not legal in your jurisdiction, and if they are, there could be strings attached.


Ruby on Rails Datetime Timestamp in UTC

I have a DateTime field in my model that is created using the following line.
t.datetime “created_at”, :use_tz => true

And is the default :use_tz => true call.
As you can see, there is a timezone for “created_at” called “use_tz”.
When I retrieve values using ActiveRecord::Base#find I get the correct date-time timestamp and I can specify the time zone correctly as follows. = “Eastern Time (US & Canada)”
my_row = my_active_record_model.find(1) = “Central Time (US)”
my_row = my_active_record_model.find(1)

My question is, what is the correct way to use this method:
my_row = my_active_record_model.find(1)

Given that I am not aware of the timezone set for the “created_at” timestamp as “use_tz” is being used.
I was thinking there could be issues if I used “now


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