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AutoCAD is widely used in architecture, engineering and construction industries. It is the most popular CAD tool used by architects, interior designers and engineers. The AutoCAD software enables architects and interior designers to design and edit drawings or models.

AutoCAD is used for creating architectural drawings for construction projects, including the creation of schematic and component plans, specifications and constructability reports. It is used to design printed materials such as books and magazines. Architectural firms also use AutoCAD to prepare cost estimates and bid documents.

AutoCAD is also used in many other industries, such as in manufacturing, precision machining, and engineering design for the automotive, aerospace, consumer, industrial, and military industries.

Main features

AutoCAD offers drawing tools and functions for creating and modifying drawings, including:

Paper space



Grid system

Guides and snap

Defining blocks

Type tools

Path tools

Drill/recess tools

Arrow tools

Polyline tools

Nurbs and spline curves

Tools for managing blocks, layers, views, and blocksets

Graphical libraries


AutoCAD uses a graphical user interface that allows users to see all drawings and associated data in the same window. The screen can also be split into multiple areas, enabling users to focus on the different areas of interest. The drawing window shows the drawing or model being edited. It also displays other drawing items such as blocks and properties.

A block is an object in the drawing. A block can contain text, dimensions, or any other object.

In AutoCAD, each block has its own properties. Properties can include information about the block, such as its placement on a sheet, the name of the block, the type of block, and the author of the block. Property values for text and dimensions can be modified directly within the drawing window.

Any item in the drawing window is considered a view. AutoCAD views can be aligned to the page, zoomed, and resized. Views can also be arranged on the screen, enabling users to view many views in a single window.

Each drawing contains layers. Layers are collections of objects and annotations that have certain settings. Each layer may have properties and characteristics. Objects on the same layer are affected by the layer settings.

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In some instances, AutoCAD can be used as a 2D scanner. Automated laser-based distance-measuring equipment is used by the construction industry to build level foundations without the need for expensive surveying equipment.

Another of AutoCAD’s major user communities is map-making. These can be produced by using AutoCAD to aid in the creation of the maps from aerial and satellite images.

Progression of AutoCAD

Amongst a series of successive “AutoCAD releases”, AutoCAD Rev 1.0 was the initial version released in 1986. It was Microsoft’s version of AutoCAD for DOS. AutoCAD Rev 3.0 was released in 1992, and introduced the tag-based programming language (AutoLISP). AutoCAD Rev 5.0 was released in 1994, and introduced the object-based programming language (Visual LISP). AutoCAD 2000 (AutoCAD Rev 10.0) was released in 1999. It introduced the ActiveX application programming interface (API) and the ability to view and modify parts of the computer screen at the same time. AutoCAD 2002 (AutoCAD Rev 14.0) was released in 2000. It introduced.NET API and other features. AutoCAD 2008 (AutoCAD Rev 16.0) was released in 2005, and introduced the Windows API. AutoCAD 2009 (AutoCAD Rev 17.0) was released in 2007, and introduced cloud computing.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Edit and Create:

Insert and animate your own custom content and create graphics and text that are editable in AutoCAD and other applications. (video: 1:40 min.)

Extensions and Products:

Easy to install, share and extend AutoCAD with plugins and add-ins. Do more with more functionality and extend your design experience to deliver even greater value. (video: 2:00 min.)

Additional Features:

A convenient way to create custom patterns and interactively use masks, camera tracking and direct snap. (video: 2:20 min.)

Free shipping to US and Canadian addresses for new orders of $100 or more!

This release includes new features and several product improvements. It also contains new product, pricing, and ship date information.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for AutoCAD 2023 have not changed since last year’s release. If you’re considering AutoCAD 2023, you should review the minimum system requirements before purchasing.

Visit the Autodesk website for more information on system requirements.

To learn more about the features available in AutoCAD and other Autodesk software, view the Autodesk White Papers. To learn more about the features available in AutoCAD and other Autodesk software, visit the Autodesk website.

Productivity and Task Performance

The Productivity and Task Performance team worked with customers to determine which Autodesk products and Autodesk-related software they use daily and focused on refining those features.

The new features included in the Autodesk 2017 Productivity and Task Performance User Experience Survey are:

Customize Autodesk for how you work; customizing the workflow.

The Survey also asked about ways to improve Task Performance. The following are some of the most common responses:

Please expand the Help Content menu.

Move the Help Content module to the far left of the menu bar so it is easier to access.

Provide more help topics.

Create a new help topic by adding a new subfolder in the Help Content module folder.

Add a new topic to the Help Topics folder.

Add new Help Documents within the Help Topics folder.

Add a new folder within the Help Topics folder and create new Help Documents.

Add a new Help Module within the Help Topics folder.

Reduce the amount of

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Additional Notes:
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