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Foggy box is an old and well known role-playing game. It is the
essence of simple-minded fantasy. You can control a character in Foggy
box and try to achieve the greatest amount of success in a given
time. During the game you will be carrying out a variety of quests,
such as defeating hordes of monsters or acquiring rare weapons, armor
and artefacts. Each quest is individual and interactive. You can
always make choices that will affect your in-game decisions. You can
make the characters act in different ways depending on what you’ve
Foggy box is an adventure-based game where you can interact with
numerous characters that will help you in your quest. You will be able
to build your character and customize him with plenty of different
things. You will be able to start this game in a number of different
places – from the beginning, to the middle and even to the end of the
game. You can choose your own companion characters that will be very
important for your journey. Each character has his or her own
individual story. You will be able to start a new game from your
option menu. Of course, you can always change and customize your
character and environment at any time during your game. Also, you can
install your own mods in order to customize your game to your
Some of the characters you will be able to use in this game can be
entirely new to you. You can meet new people in the game that will
help you in your adventure. You can discover many different stories
about your characters and your quests. There is also a chance that you
will meet someone in the game who is so evil that you can destroy
everything in your path. Your quest is important. You must succeed.

About This Game:
Battle of the Vikings is the re-release of an old gaming classic.
Unlike most online games, this one runs in real-time. The game will
require you to get up from your chair and really go to work. You will
be able to fight other players in this game. All you need is a game
host who will tell you where to go and what to do in each map. You can
send messages to your companions and change the positioning of your
units. The goal of this game is to destroy your opponent’s castle. You
will be able to win a specific


The Karters Features Key:

  • Players, each with one or two opponents;
  • Playout of games based on the six Championship finalists of the previous year;
  • Three different start layouts;
  • Regular indoor, outdoor and rainy environments;
  • Support for all 240 mailboxes and 60 mailboxes for motorized vehicles;
  • Six different skins for every mailbox and environment;
  • Up to 32,000 different customized messages: Own, Linux or others;
  • Remote start-up by application using a wireless connection;
  • Screensaver mode using a wireless connection.


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Karters was made as a college project by me in February 2015 with the purpose of making an RPG game that was primarily using Discord.
For the most part, the server is working, but there is a low chance of a crash due to the

This is my introduction to KAARTS! I’m using the DiscordMock ( engine, but nothing is implemented yet.
This is mostly the broadcast code, and I have a basic battle/inventory editor and main menu. Some of the actual combat isn’t coded yet, but I’m working on that. There is currently only one map (and no clue how to update the game).

Hey everyone,
So I’m building Karters and I’m mostly looking for comments from other people who’ve done something similar. To be honest I have very little idea of what I’m doing so if you could lend me some insight on what I’m doing wrong I’d be very appreciative.
Anyway on to the list of questions below.
1. For the main menu should I put the in-game menu (for combat) in the main menu?

Hello everyone!
This is my first project in KAARTS, and I’m really new to this concept. Any advice or comments on this project would be appreciated!
KAARTS is a Minecraft-RPG server that is currently using the Discord server to handle chat. We use discord to talk to each other, quest, battle, and so on.
Here is a link to the server:

Hey everyone,
I’ve decided to make a KAARTS server on Discord, but I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve looked over the tutorials on the website, and I’m really interested in what everyone else has to say about KAARTS.
So basically what this server is going to be is a KAARTS (aka KartRPG). I will be using a map which I’ve made myself (the style of the map is inspired by Quon: The Land of Adventure), and I have made three maps. I have one male character, one female character, and one boss character. All of them are going to be vanilla/original characters.
So what I’m looking for now is:

Hey everyone,
I’ve been working on KAARTS for a while now. The program I’m using for the server is DiscordMock (which you can download from


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[HELP] How to start “The Karters”?
[HELP] How to receive a bomb?
[HELP] How to pass a cave?
[HELP] What to do with all these vehicles?
[HELP] How can I bet on the game?
[HELP] How can I in-game purchase?
[HELP] How to buy a “50,000” golds card?
[HELP] How to disable “Global Off” in-game?
[HELP] How to claim team cards?
[HELP] How do I access the “Team Cards” page?
[HELP] How to sort the “Team Cards” page?
[HELP] How to select the card “Cave”?
[HELP] How can I join a team?
[HELP] What are all these clothes/vehicles?
[HELP] How can I get the “Roller Bones” vehicle?
[HELP] How do I change the “Random Deck”?
[HELP] How can I free my team?
[HELP] How can I invite more players to my team?
[HELP] What is “Invite Only”?
[HELP] How can I join an invite-only team?
[HELP] How can I see what is my team’s “Points” on “Invite Only”?
[HELP] How can I enter a team room?
[HELP] How to see who is in my team?
[HELP] How to enter the “Team Room”?
[HELP] How to invite someone to a team?
[HELP] How to discuss in team?
[HELP] How to discuss in a team of “Invite Only”?
[HELP] How to be kicked out from team?
[HELP] How to go “Off-Line” from the chat?
[HELP] How to leave the “Team-Room”?
[HELP] How to join a public team?
[HELP] How to enter the scoreboard in the team?
[HELP] How to enter the scoreboard?
[HELP] How to be kicked out from a public team?


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