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911 Operator is one of the best simulation games of this generation. We are continuing this tradition in the sequel – 112 Operator.
112 Operator is a 4X strategy game set in the “80% future” where mankind is on the brink of total extinction. The world is evolving and people are slowly losing control of the land, the people, the technology.
As a Hero Operator of the 112, your job is to improve the infrastructure, do a first aid, building educational centres for children and rescue people from disasters.
This game has an Operative Mode and a Management Mode. In the Operative Mode you have to go on the field and rescue the Survivors. In the Management Mode you have to manage your own territory, your Hero, rescue children and keep the infrastructure in high condition.
Key features:
• 11 playable Operators (USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico)
• 12 scenarios for Operations: Haiti, Mexico, Russia, New Delhi, Warsaw, London, Paris, St Petersburg, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Washington
• 5 modes of operation: Operations, Rescue, Management, Education, Community
• Multiplayer (LAN) and Co-op (2 players)
• 3 game systems: Casual, New Operator and AI operator (optional)
• Customizable operators, territories, citizens
• 4 game levels: “I hate games” to “Crusader”
• 15 territories (from Cuba to Canada)
• 10 buildings (from Community Center to University)
• 3 buildings of disasters (flood, hurricanes and earthquakes)
• 3 types of relief objects, hospitals, schools, police stations
• 15 damage types
• Multiple vehicle support
• Multiple aircraft support (helicopters, cars, boats)
• Theme music
Reaction of operators to player’s decisions in each scenario
About This Game
■ Customization
In “112 Operator” you can customize your Operator to your liking. You can choose from 4 heads, different skin colors, unique voice, accent, clothing and much more.
■ Scenarios
12 different scenarios for Operations. From Haiti to Russia. From Mexico to London. Some game scenarios were realised during our “Game Jam” 2014.
■ Graphics
The game is beautifully crafted with unique graphics, sound, animations and overall presentation. Our developer is a perfectionist and can always provide a further improvement
■ Multiplayer
By entering the multiplayer mode your Operator will be


Features Key:

  • 50 Floors full-size puzzler with at least eight million different ways to complete each level – play as many levels as you wish!
  • Unparalleled level of detail – each floor is a place you’ve never seen before!
  • Visually stunning environments with carefully designed physics and puzzles to keep you intrigued.
  • Complex mechanic with three different puzzle styles (or threesomes, if you prefer).
  • Retro 8-bit game music make it that much more enjoyable to keep playing.


  • Play as many levels as you wish as a vampire or human – you’ll be able to pick and choose from different tower
    settings, bathroom areas, and beheadings if you wish.
  • Puzzle styles include classical tower RPG, “so what?” puzzle, or logic-based logical thinking.
  • RETRO 8-Bit Game Music that accompanies you throughout the levels.
  • Unrivalled animation, lighting, landscaping, and physics!
  • Collect and use medical tools to alter your body and mind for optimum performance.
  • Many different weapons, items, and special powers depending on what kind of tower you’re playing.
  • Commandeer large sums of money to add new features to your normal tower.
  • Unrivalled level of detail – each floor has multiple stairwells, furnaces, machines, candelabras, and tons of items
    from all around the building to work on!
  • And much more!


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This unique, contract-based game, a part of the Games 2011 promotion program for Operator, is a unique application of various games that feature random elements and unexpected interactive scenes.
The game starts when the player sees a plane landing at local airport.
“911 Operator: What’s your emergency?” is a game that presents the player with a situation – it may be a disaster, crisis, an event that alarms the player or the player himself/herself is in trouble.
The first phase of the game lasts for 30 seconds. The player has to collect information about the situation, at the same time he/she must fulfill several tasks, such as take note of specific data, e.g. collect location coordinates.
If a player fails to fulfill a task at the first attempt, he/she has to do it again.
After the first phase is over, the plane takes off and a new scene starts: the player has to quickly pack his/her items and prepare to go on the rescue mission in the plane.
To perform a rescue, the player must get from the plane to the site of the incident as quickly as possible. The plane will land again once the player reaches the site.
During his/her flight, the player’s task is to save as many people as possible. This depends on the location of the plane, its speed and the player’s reaction speed.
On the ground, at any stage of the rescue, the player will be awarded with one of the total of 15 points.
After the rescue, the plane will fly back to the airport. If the player successfully executed all the tasks in time, he/she will be given a new 10 minutes flight.
The game consists of approximately 10 minutes of gameplay for each of five planes available in the game.
Playable formats:PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7) for 1-4 players1-4 playersAdobe Flash Player.

Features new languages: Arabic, Spanish, Russian.


Operator’s Soundtrack Crack + Free Download

Operator is a different approach on the subject of simulator games. The primary difference is Operator does not try to imitate real police work. This is not a police simulator. The Operator series is a different type of simulation where the player, as an operator in an Emergency Dispatch system, reacts to situations without the need for physical training. There is a lot more to Operator than just shooting and driving through the city. You will need to study how your calls are handled by the dispatch system. Then you will be ready to solve the emergency and then solve it quickly.

Operator takes a completely different approach to real police work. Instead of real police work the game features emergency dispatch systems. You operate your own emergency dispatch center and handle emergency calls. If you want you can analyze the situation in the car. And you can also take a moment for yourself to rest, or to eat something. But ultimately you will have to make sure that the situations is solved and the emergency handled quickly.

In 911 Operator you are in charge of the emergency call handling at the ambulance dispatch center. 911 is working for a big emergency center in which a massive number of calls comes in. You will be responsible for handling the emergency calls in the center and making sure that the calls are handled as quickly as possible. This is not police work. This is emergency dispatch.

In Operator there is no real emergency on the scene. You will solve the situations through your own intuition and knowledge. No police training is required. The basic idea behind the games is that a person on the scene will call 911. This is the dispatcher. You are in charge of the emergency dispatch center and you will have to respond to the emergency calls.

This is not a police simulator. The game does not try to imitate real police work. This is an emergency dispatch simulator. You will be in charge of a center for emergency calls. The center will have to handle emergency calls. You need to manage the center and dispatch the emergency calls. The dispatcher will call 911 to inform them of the emergency situation.

You will be in charge of emergency dispatch. You will be responsible for the handling of emergency calls. It is your center. You will need to solve the emergency on the spot and then solve it quickly. If you want to prepare for the call, you can study the situation in the car. It is your center. You are in charge of your center and you are responsible for the emergency calls.

You operate a


What’s new: