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As a professional video game driver updater, Driver Booster for STEAM aim to provide an easy-to-use tool for users to update drivers for their PC to boost the stability and performance of computer. This can help players enjoy better gaming experience as well as solve various problems caused by the mismatched drivers.
You can easily scan outdated drivers and download them with just one click to update all of them at once. Game-related drivers are also updated to make sure your gaming experience is optimized while you are away from PC.
In order to make sure your PC always keep working well, Driver Booster has an online database to automatically and securely update your PC drivers in real time.
Now, if the drivers are not working as expected or you have ever encountered any problem while installing or updating drivers, Driver Booster will go through the whole procedure step by step, just for you to do the simple job.
Once Driver Booster updates your drivers, its temporary advanced functions will be inaccessible. Driver Booster also works well with multiple monitors, and is compatible with up to 16 monitors.
Other functions like real-time detection of peripheral drivers, scheduled scanning and reminding, UI customization, network proxy support, and much more can be found in Driver Booster.

Key Features:
1. Automatically scan & update outdated drivers
2. Option for temporarily stop updating drivers
3. Real-time detection of peripheral drivers
4. Option for scheduled scanning
5. Schedule reminder for drivers update
6. Option for to ignore certain device types
7. Option to upgrade programs
8. Detection of missing & faulty drivers
9. detection of Windows 10 and Win 8.1
10. DirectX 11,12 and 13 & Windows 7 and 8 compatibilities
11. Option to not disturb when game running
12. Option for auto download
13. Choose to install the latest driver or latest MSI version
14. Can force to reboot or shutdown computer
15. User interface customization
16. Network proxy support
17. Real-time device scan
18. UEFI/BIOS support
19. Easily disable USB boot
20. Comprehensive and accurate download manager
21. Option to install the most recent device driver version available in MS website
22. Option to install the latest device driver file version available in MS website
23. Real-time and scheduled detection of peripheral devices
24. Option to turn off peripheral devices updating if drivers already installed
25. Ability to launch fake SD card
26. Option to turn off


Features Key:

  • New version 3.0.0-14,
  • Maximum compatibility: Driver Booster 3 Upgrade to Pro (Lifetime) available in many languages,
  • Run from multiple operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 through 2003,
    Windows Vista,
  • How to download and install Driver Booster 3 Upgrade to Pro (Lifetime):


    After downloading, double-click the “DriverBooster-3-lifetime-download-dl.exe” file to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.

    Run the folder and upload the.xml file into the folder to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.


    After downloading, double-click the “DriverBooster-3-lifetime-upgrade-pro-dl.exe” file to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.

    Run the folder and upload the.xml file into the folder to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.


    After downloading, double-click the “DriverBooster-3-lifetime-pro-dl.exe” file to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.

    Run the folder and upload the.xml file into the folder to decompress it; the file extracted to your desktop.


    Driver Booster 3 Upgrade To Pro (Lifetime) [2022-Latest]

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    User Reviews

    Very nicely made with good aesthetics and working like a charm. I guess the only way to make this better would be a global set of transparent overlays for all open windows or some kind of way to add more music, audios, videos, etc.

    Really a great and easy to use replacement for Aiseesoft, I’ve become partial to it over Fraps now 🙂

    It’s a benchmark tool that compare latest game performance between one edition of Driver Booster 3 and the second edition. It features GPU, CPU, RAM, game HDD, etc. etc. So you can get what you need to know about Driver Booster 3.

    That’s probably true with all drivers except for games… Still, it should be able to handle newer games, and I might give it


    Driver Booster 3 Upgrade To Pro (Lifetime) Crack + Download [32|64bit]

    The professional package includes all key features of Standard Package, but with one more function: save up to 3 projects and synchronize multiple settings for each of the projects.

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    What’s new in Driver Booster 3 Upgrade To Pro (Lifetime):



      What is ZOOddy™?

      ZOOddy™ provides free flow versions of typical, night time versions of the standard versions that are found on the LiveCD. These free flow versions have been optimized for faster performance to get the ZOOddy™ experience out quicker.

      There are no compromise between Flow media and traditional media for Booster installs.

      ZOOddy™ can be verified and installed with MMCX on any media form.

      There are two paths for ZOOddy™:

      CTTL – The traditional ZOOddy™ installation methods: Download CD and boot, install trial and upgrade, install zootronics logo etc

      FTT – An easy one click installer to get you up and running ZOOddy™ and Booster installation. (Support has not been received for ZOOddy™ on Spartan)

      So let’s skip the usual notes and get to those quickly and my apologies for the long lead up.

      Need to deal with MS16-042

      This is also part of the Microsoft fix for patch SUPT which is now available but not WFC but for you Win8 users you will need to call your service provider and ask them to activate the patch. The patch will be part of your monthly fee packages and if you think you can get one of the monthly free means well think again as you will hit a monthly limit to your discount.

      Let’s get you upgraded from MS16-011

      Here are the complete details:

      Method 1 : Using the Microsoft update service

      All you need are the three parts of the MS16-011 update – KB3035583, KB3146274 and KB3169649

      Make sure you have uninstalled the previous MS16-011 patches.

      Using the Command Prompt, execute the command: msiexec /Unregister Suppressions=ms16-011

      Execute the command: msiexec /unreg kb3035583

      Execute the command: msiexec /unreg kb3146274

      Execute the command: msiexec /unreg kb3169649


      You can skip the reboot if you have placed the ZOOddy™ media on the drive but please note you may need a MBR fix and either another boot partition or a clean


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    System Requirements For Driver Booster 3 Upgrade To Pro (Lifetime):

    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    Processor: Pentium 4 3.2GHz / 2.5GHz
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    HDD: ~50 GB available disk space
    DirectX: 9.0
    Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or newer
    Network: Broadband Internet connection and local network connectivity
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