Battleship Lonewolf Product Key Download

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Download ->>>

Download ->>>



Features Key:

  • you can play online with world or with one friend
  • 24 missions
  • the game takes place in the 1870’s
  • 19xx lightship
  • achievements
  • time racing with lightship
  • Content rating:



    • Use the move and shoot buttons to control yourself in the lightship.
    • Warn the opponent the ship camera that you are carrying a cannon, you can move faster and hit him.
    • Advantage of the enemy ship is that he will hit you at his will, but if it is impossible to get away
    • Destroyers are all fire, fire orders that make no damage.
    • Ports are all the ship, and a huge advantage.
    • You can be shot in the wind and it will hit you, it’s better to shoot in the opposite direction.
    • If the ship is missing or damaged when the enemy is dead, it is best to disappear.

    Level features:

    • 18 turn limit.

    Technical requirements:

    • OS : WIN
    • Device : Android

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