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The first incarnation of AutoCAD Download With Full Crack was a desktop application running on the “Pentium” microprocessor with support for the CGA/EGA/VGA/MDA/EGA/VGACGA/VGAEGA/VGAEGA/VGAEAGA/EGA//VXGA/EGA/PC-EGA/PC-VGA/EGA/EGA/EGAEGA/VGAEGA/EGAEGA/EGA/VGA/EGA/PC-EGA/EGA/PC-EGA/EGA/EGA/EGA/VGA/EGA/PC-EGA/PC-EGA/EGA/EGA/PC-EGA/EGA/EGA/EGA/VGA/EGA/VGA/VGA/PC-EGA/PC-EGA/PC-EGA/EGA/EGA” platforms. The Pentium II processor was introduced in August 1995 as the flagship of the Pentium line, and by the end of 1995 more than 100 million systems had been shipped.

Current editions of AutoCAD for the Windows operating system are available for PC computers with Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium III Xeon, and “Embedded” processors running the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems.

For more information, including a video demonstration of AutoCAD, visit:

Appendix: AutoCAD software versions and editions

View full version and edition history, including all changes since AutoCAD 2018.

Version and edition history

Autodesk’s AutoCAD software has had many editions and versions over the years, starting with AutoCAD 1.0. Please see the following version history chart.





Version Changes

Edition History

AutoCAD 1.0

April 25, 1982

Autodesk Inc.

Original release

September 23, 1991

AutoCAD 2.0

November 1, 1990

Release date for AutoCAD 2.0 is listed on “AutoCAD’s First 20 Years” page.

Release dates for software versions subsequent to AutoCAD 2.0 were:

AutoCAD 2.1

March 16, 1991

AutoCAD 2.2

December 18, 1991

AutoCAD 2.3

October 15

AutoCAD Crack Free

AutoCAD includes an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow programmatic access to its functionality. This can be either used for custom third-party applications, or for providing external integration with AutoCAD.

AutoCAD’s API includes seven major language areas: AutoCAD® API for VBA, AutoCAD® API for AutoLISP, AutoCAD API for Autodesk Exchange Apps (AeA), AutoCAD API for ObjectARX, AutoCAD® API for Visual LISP, AutoCAD® API for Visual Studio and AutoCAD® API for Web API. AutoCAD API for VBA (AutoCAD API for Visual Basic for Applications) is used by developers to develop custom add-ons for AutoCAD. AutoCAD API for Visual LISP is used to automate drawing functionality using functional programming. AutoCAD API for Autodesk Exchange Apps (AeA) allows developers to create AutoCAD-based applications. AutoCAD API for ObjectARX enables the use of a C++ class library to facilitate automation of drawing functionality. AutoCAD API for Visual Studio is used to develop AutoCAD-based applications using Visual Studio and the Visual Studio version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD API for Web API is used to make AutoCAD available to web-based applications.

AutoCAD was one of the first CAD software applications to support DLL files. Because of this, some of AutoCAD’s interface elements may look a little different from those of other CAD software applications.

In addition to these languages, AutoCAD offers an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow programmatic access to its functionality. This can be either used for custom third-party applications, or for providing external integration with AutoCAD.

All versions of AutoCAD support external applications. The DWG file format can be used to transfer files with other CAD software, or as a digital archive for other applications.

As part of the contract between the user and Autodesk, all users are required to register with Autodesk for maintenance of their own license. This is enforced using various methods, including a PIN verification system that is required to use any version of AutoCAD.

Autodesk AutoCAD includes many tools, such as a modeling tool, a drawing tool, an animation tool, and the ability to change the way that the software displays information.


Close Autocad and open Autocad again.

Click File menu and then click New.

In the New menu, click From File and select the option to Import the CAX file.

If you want to use the keygen that you downloaded, you will need to register it first.


How to draw 2 graph in a PDF using PGF

I want to draw graph like this using pgf. I have 2 tables in a latex file and in each table one of the columns should be a scatter graph. Is it possible to do that using pgf?


What’s New In AutoCAD?

With Markup Import, you can import paper samples to AutoCAD from the paper’s PDF or even from Microsoft Word. Automatically place the paper’s layout into your drawing, and create a shape or text style to mark up the sample. Select the parts of the paper that contain errors, such as typos or overprints, and send back the corrected version.

When you receive the corrected version, you can automatically incorporate the feedback into your drawing. The new Markup Assist function will change the shape or text style of the imported paper to indicate its markups and the changes that were made.

Add To Hatching:

Select any drawing or text style, and use the Add To Hatching feature to add them to the same hatch pattern as any previously selected drawing or text style. Add To Hatching is applicable to drawing layers as well.

Add To Hatching:

Automatic Hatching and Stroke Properties:

Create any drawing or text style, and select the Automatic Hatching and Stroke options to apply them to that style. Use the new Automatic Hatching feature to apply hatch patterns to multiple drawings at the same time.

Automatic Hatching and Stroke properties:

With automatic hatchings, you can select multiple drawings and apply the same hatch pattern to all the drawings. You can also apply the same hatch pattern to multiple styles.

Batch Tools and Editing Shortcuts:

Work faster with drag-and-drop operations between batch objects. Select multiple shapes, and drag and drop them to move them. Open multiple shapes at once and insert a single point or another set of points that you define. (video: 1:13 min.)

Batch tools:

Join and Split Complex Shapes:

Use the new Join and Split functions to quickly join or split complex shapes. For example, you can quickly join multiple objects into a single shape, or split a single object into separate shapes.

Join and Split:

Freehand Creations:

The new Freehand Creation tool allows you to create free-form shapes, like hand-drawn arrows. Just draw with a mouse, and the tool will produce a shape automatically. (video: 1:10 min.)

Freehand Creation:

Indicate the opposite of your previous selection. The opposite indicates the opposite side of the selection. Use the opposite feature to select

System Requirements:

The minimum specifications are:
OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128 MB (or greater)
Video: DirectX 9 or ATI™ Radeon™ 8500
DirectX: DirectX 9 (only available with DirectX 9 video card)
DirectX: DirectX 10
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