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AutoCAD is used for both architectural and engineering work. Architecture firms and construction firms use AutoCAD to create 2D, 3D, and CNC (Computer Numeric Control) drawings. Architects and their clients can view the drawings on the go using mobile apps or desktop software. Engineers use it for civil and mechanical engineering work. AutoCAD can also be used to quickly create presentation drawings, such as floor plans.

A major selling point for AutoCAD is its ease of use. All commands and tools are accessible via the keyboard and other input devices. Autodesk contends that users can draw a basic drawing, by mouse or keyboard, in less than five minutes. Users can also view, edit and modify their drawings, as well as export them to a file format of their choice.

When drawing, users can take advantage of a number of advanced features. These features include complex geometric solids, advanced levels of detail, 3D views, color and images, and display of an unlimited number of layers. AutoCAD has good compatibility with other software programs such as AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD LT, MS Project, Visio, and Microsoft Excel.

Drawing method

Using AutoCAD, a user makes a drawing by following a drawing process. To begin, a user clicks on the start button and then selects either a cursor or a default location. A user then draws the entire drawing manually using the keyboard. The user can then edit the drawing using the design-time tools, which are available to the left of the command line.

When the drawing is complete, the user can exit the drawing by clicking on the exit button. The drawing can also be exported to a file format of the user’s choice.

In AutoCAD LT (for large drawings), the user can import an existing drawing or design from a file or an Internet site by clicking on the import button and then selecting a file. Importing the drawing from a website is especially useful when using a tablet or mobile device. The drawing can also be exported to a file format of the user’s choice.

Working with layers

In AutoCAD LT, the user can work with multiple layers. Layers are essentially groups of layers. Each layer has its own color and line thickness. The number of layers is controlled by the user via the Layer Control window. By default, the user has two layers: Standard and Draft. The Draft

AutoCAD 23.1

C++ is a programming language that uses the C compiler and the C programming language. The language was developed by John Backus at PTC in about 1980.


Autodesk originally offered its products as part of the AutoCAD Crack For Windows program for the Apple Macintosh. Versions 1.0-1.50 were released for the Apple Macintosh II and Macintosh Portable. Version 2.0 was released for the Apple Macintosh personal computer (Macintosh). As of AutoCAD Crack Mac 2016, the current stable release is AutoCAD 2020, and the most recent release was AutoCAD 2019. Before the release of AutoCAD, there was another product that worked on the same platform called ParaCAD which was discontinued in 1994.

Autodesk also created a basic version of AutoCAD for Apple II and Macintosh Plus computers. Version 2.0 for Apple II was first released in 1982. Subsequent versions were released for the Apple II+, IIe, IIc and IIci. After the Apple IIe, the latest version for Apple II/Macintosh was 2.30.

In 1991, Autodesk released AutoCAD for Windows 3.0 for the PC platform, and the following year, they released AutoCAD for Windows (2.0), for which there were two editions (Professional and Student). The next version was AutoCAD V3.0, released in 1997.

In 1999, the fourth version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2000, was released. With it, there were three editions: AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2000 Design Edition, and AutoCAD 2000 Design & Architectural Edition. AutoCAD 2000 Design Edition includes the software engineering tools, while AutoCAD 2000 Design & Architectural Edition has the same features as AutoCAD 2000 but with improvements made for architecture.

In 2001, the fifth version of AutoCAD was released, AutoCAD 2001. AutoCAD 2001 was designed to address the needs of non-architecture users, as well as for 2D draftsperson users. AutoCAD 2001 was the first AutoCAD product that contained a user interface based on the Windows Vista operating system. AutoCAD Architecture was the first software product in the Autodesk family to use the Windows Vista user interface, but it was a Windows XP edition. AutoCAD 2000 Design Edition was renamed AutoCAD 2001 Design Edition. In 2002, Autodesk released a new revision

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Bring your own artwork to the table. With new Markup Assistant, you can now import AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG files directly into your designs. (video: 1:26 min.)

Faster graphic symbols in annotations. Use the new Graphic Symbols Manager to automatically keep track of the latest graphics symbols from the internet. (video: 1:32 min.)

Enhanced annotations. Now you can use markup to annotate diagrams and surfaces. No more 2-D viewing! (video: 1:32 min.)

New capabilities in 3D AutoCAD. New commands for 3D modeling and updates to 3D drawing, 3D printing, and 2D drafting. (video: 3:24 min.)

New tools for 2D drafting. New commands for navigation and tracing, plus new drawing tools for impressing, reducing or labeling, and making selections. (video: 1:47 min.)

A new, streamlined user interface. Work with AutoCAD in a natural manner, with features that are more intuitive, faster to use, and easier to access.

A dynamic tool palette. The tools for 2D drafting and 3D modeling are now grouped more intuitively and near their corresponding features in the menus. (video: 1:12 min.)

New and redesigned toolbar. See the same toolbar in more natural and logical places, making it easier to access tools, commands and settings.

Enhanced drafting tools. The new Drawing Tools, Document and Reference Tools now let you quickly set up and view your drawing. You can also draft and annotate with new drawing tools. (video: 1:13 min.)

One tool for many functions. The Fence tool is one of the most-used tools in AutoCAD. Now you can use the Fence tool in all other drafting commands.

Fixed-width lines. The width of lines that use features like Arc, Circle, and Ellipse, now stays the same no matter the size of your drawing.

Annotations and labels. You can now annotate a 2D or 3D surface. You can also view, print, and edit annotations and labels.

Themes. The colors of your drawings, document, and font come from themes. You can now create your own themes and choose from a wide range of colors and settings.

Quick links. A new Quick Links option in the Edit

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