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Download ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






“Heliborne is an arcade flight game originally released in 1995 by Edge Entertainment. The game’s name was coined by the title of the very first track “The Heliborne Collection” by the electronic band Kompakt, famous for their song “Helibo-nee-see”. The game itself was recorded on the Bally Astrocade, a home video game system that was released in the same year as the Heliborne games.
In Heliborne, the player is a combat helicopter pilot flying the missions available for him in the single-player campaign. The game was released on every home video game system the company owned: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Bally Astrocade, Atari ST, DOS, Game Boy, Master System, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES and Sega Game Gear. The original game was released in a run of three titles, each entitled to its own dedicated machine (The Heliborne Collection, The Heliborne Trilogy and The Heliborne: Second Edition). The last Heliborne Trilogy had an Amstrad CPC version and was released in 1995.”
Feel free to read more about Heliborne at our official website :

You can also download Heliborne Enhanced Edition now for free and play it on iOS or Android devices, it doesn’t matter what system you have!
Once you’ve downloaded the game, you can link your mobile device with your Steam account and download all your saves and achievements. The interface in the game is in French, but not the game itself, so use the automatic language selection of Steam and the English interface will be chosen. If the game doesn’t start, simply kill all the running processes and try again. To play Heliborne Enhanced Edition on iOS or Android, use the below links :
iTunes :
Google Play :
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Zombie Island Features Key:

  • Additional CAD models for chinese standard version SD40-2A
  • New geo-data for track and signals
  • New decals
  • Relocated rear of loco from nearest side


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The games you grew up with are back and better than ever! Black City is a fast paced action puzzle game set in a 1940’s NYC metropolis. The game is broken up into levels of increasing difficulty that will test your puzzling skills in time-controlling rodents!


– Addictive gameplay – over 20 unique levels with more to come.
– Unlock 38 different costumes with personality and outfits.
– Puzzles and mini-games keep the gameplay fun and fresh.
– Weapons to aid you in your quest for world domination.
– Posse up to 4 friends in Multiplayer
– Leaderboards and achievements.
– Music by the legendary DJ DMC, Mixed by 4ch

How To Play:

In Black City, you play as Aiden, a young mouse who has just been granted the ability to control time. Armed with a ball of yarn, a pair of scissors and a needle, you must get from A to B and back again in order to save the world from rodent domination.

You will make your way to 6 different levels, each with a unique boss mouse to battle. You will be able to use your time ball to manipulate objects, solve puzzles and find the exit that will put you on the road back to your apartment.

These guys really are the masters of the art of combination puzzles. The game is pure fun from beginning to end. It’s like playing the game where your mouse is Mario, but now, it has a time control mechanic to advance to the next level, there’s not really any need to advance to the next level by a certain time, because you do have a time control, meaning you will be able to advance by any amount of time you want.

There’s tons of levels with each one becoming harder as the game progresses, you will need to keep your wits about you to navigate the environments. The stages are designed to be very hard. It’s a really neat puzzle game and it’s nicely presented as well. This is the best kind of difficult puzzle game, that once you finish one, you’ll be wanting to pick it up and play it again, and again, and again.

If you want a good time consuming game to play while at work, or school, or even when you’re sitting at home, then Black City is for you. It’s hard as heck, but the game is not unfair. The time controls are designed well, and its really very rewarding when you succeed.


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– Grab a friend to play co-op (Player 2 needs a VR headset) – Watch the entire game on the Oculus Store with a friend

Feeder 2:Stubbs and ChillMature

Feeder 2 is a supernatural thriller from indie developer Toby Madoc.With the assistance of a strange all seeing entity called Mother, Stubbs sets out to uncover the dark secret behind her terrible destiny.Mother and Stubbs are the antithesis of humanity, Mother is bound to fight a perpetual battle with the living to feed on their life force and Stubbs is nothing but an unending source of infinite life force.The evil Mother turns ordinary people into mindless slaves who lose all sense of self. She even possesses real estate agents, leaving them just as evil as she is! Together Stubbs and Mother will stop at nothing in their mission to destroy humanity.But before Stubbs embarks on a war of infinite proportions, his greatest battle lies with himself. Stubbs must make the ultimate sacrifice, a very painful and permanent one indeed.

It’s December 1882 and the Great White Death is engulfing San Francisco. C.W. Darlington is a madman sent to San Francisco by a vengeful God to send the city into ruin. He’s summoned hundreds of zombie barbarians to tear the city to pieces. The city is soon overrun with undead and only a few lucky souls have escaped the zombies! That’s when the Lion Man steps in and promises to save the city. With the help of the Lion Man, the people of San Francisco will soon find hope again.Now, Stubbs is the only hope that the people have against C.W. Darlington and his thousands of zombie barbarians!This is a VR arcade-action zombie game set in a post apocalyptic zombie future. It’s Stubbs’ time to save San Francisco!

RoboCruizer 3D:

Gameplay Features:- Supports Touch controllers! – Local and online multiplayer

There are many ways to play RoboCruizer, including Challenge Mode, Single Player, and some of the many multiplayer modes.There are over 50 different missions that you can play in this game. In multiplayer mode you can race on courses across the map, race a friend in the mirror mode, battle in 1v1 or 2v2 against opponents or join up in a 4-player co-op race! The Ironman mode allows players to race continuously for 2 full hours! When you


What’s new in Zombie Island:

    hits shelves and online soon

    Risen 2: Dark Waters – Treasure Island DLC will release on June 20 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mobile. Treasure Island DLC alone costs $15 and will contain new items, weapons and a level cap increase to 50, but the full $25 Risen 2: Age of Ronin add-on will also include the following:

    -New missions featuring pirate ships

    -Additional weapons

    -An additional harpoon that can be used to decimate hordes of zombies

    -A new map

    -New gear to differentiate your character

    -New achievements

    You can listen to our PAX East 2019 preview of this new add-on here or watch the video below.

    And of course, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think about this new DLC in the comments below and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!Q:

    How to use “group by” or other methods to find the summarized data?

    If I have a data like this:
    Empl Cdate Dt Hours
    111 02/02/2010 22:00 16.5
    111 02/02/2010 03:00 13
    111 02/02/2010 04:00 10
    222 02/02/2010 03:00 3.5
    333 02/02/2010 04:00 2

    I would like the output like this:
    Empl ToHours Hours
    111 16.5 22.5
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    I want to use a table to


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    Bury the Hatchet is a roguelike RPG where you’ll level-up your character through experience points gathered from defeated enemies and gear found throughout the world. When the enemies you face are exorcised, you’re able to learn new spells and upgrade your equipment. By defeating enemy lords, you’ll gain their gear and be able to level-up your character by meeting the requirements of the lords that those gear will allow you to advance.
    You’ll also explore an open world, running and jumping on your bike to dodge the debris that rain down from the sky. Along the way, you’ll encounter other players, and if you have a high enough relationship with them, they may help you out in the world.
    Collectibles are scattered throughout the world, and will be essential to advancing your character’s stats and leveling up.
    – Online-play with up to eight players (1v1, 2v2, 4v4)
    – Pixel-Perfect 32-bit graphics
    – Randomized Dungeons, long-lasting Dungeon events, and ending Episodes
    – Online Equipment Catalog, resource-gathering that happens in-game
    – Gather gear via defeating enemies and visiting places, or trade gear with other players
    – Choices matter in a world, and the actions you make will determine your ending
    – Character leveling through experience points, defeating monsters, and collecting items
    – Over 100 items to collect, including potions and equipment
    – Unique rogue-like experience
    For the legal mumbo jumbo:
    Bury the Hatchet is a fan project. All original work is the sole property of its creators. The game is not affiliated with Obsidian Entertainment, in any way.

    Bury The Hatchet is being de-commented by backers. See the full list of items being commeded here:

    We’ve just had the third player edition go live and it’s coming to steam early next week. The new update lets you play coop with up to three other players offline.

    An epic saga of power and sacrifice, in a land of dragons, clans, and magic, where a hidden army threatens to sweep all before it.
    Old spells are dying, and those with great power must seek out the sources of their strength so their legacy may endure.
    Unlock a


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