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Highway Madness is a visual novel with RPG style dialogue, several possible endings and side quests to explore.
Each character can choose their response to events, and there will be numerous opportunities to interact with the others through dialogue, as well as letters, save screenshots and art. The development of the story will gradually unfold as you play the game. This means there will be events in which characters will occasionally voice their opinion and conclusions.
There is also a multiplayer mode which allows for up to four people to play as the same character, allowing for more dialogue and the ability to support each other throughout the game.
The inclusion of romantic options also allows for a different perspective to the story, letting each participant choose their own response as the story unfolds.
Dialogue options
Currently in development
The Complete Series
The Complete Series contains all three campaigns in Highway Madness, all plus 20-30 hours worth of additional background content.

Yamato is a tactician. He always has a plan. He can’t actually play the game, he just weighs their strengths and weaknesses. He tries to find the best route for victory, knowing that it’s what they say that counts. That’s what they’re paying for. And that’s why he’s the reason they call him the tactician.
His friends have played enough GBA games to know all the tricks, but it’s a different world when the enemy is the real thing.
In this story-driven adventure game, as a member of the Kazama Family, you can influence the events in various ways, interact with numerous characters, choose among the three campaign paths, make choices regarding possible romantic encounters and more!

A pacifist who still lives in his hometown. His friends are the only ones who can figure out why he’s always helping out others.
A long-time, veteran ally. Ressha is always doing something completely unnecessary, like blow off his foot for bragging rights. He knows Yamato has the skills but he doesn’t care because he’s absolutely sure Yamato will win.
A member of the “buxom brigade”. She feels that one day someone will catch her, so she’s working hard to become a target. She’s the only one who gives Yamato a hard time.
A devoted fan of the crusades and the mythology of the Knights Templar. Whether it’s historically accurate or not, he only has in mind the victory of


Features Key:

  • Host a game event with special guests.
  • Promote idol games in multiple countries.
  • Guide a new series of idol fever.
  • Would you like to be our Guiding Star?
    Story that changes your life!
    In this game, how you make your life deeper
    is the game!
    So run to the theater to help your idol life better!

    *Do you want to be the Guiding Star? The following are tokens… *Do you want to be the Guiding Star? The following are tokens you can be use in the game. (Surviving condition points vary per token.)

    Base : 1

    Max. Level : 20

    Speed increase : 2

    Experience points : 100

    Passive Attack Increase : 1

    PAL and Nippon Versions will be available in designated regions only.

    Good luck!

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    Mouse, mouse or mouse with mouse requires coordination and dexterity to maintain. Have fun! in a stylised Japanese garden of this time when Japan created different ways to learn puzzles. You will feel that each puzzle has its own solutions and visual effects. To encourage players, you will be given hints to solve. You can reach a goal that hasn’t arrived in the puzzle game and add your own logic. You will need to think carefully to beat a puzzle, and be rewarded with a high score for the answers you think!

    Sound effects, sounds and music
    The sound effects, the music, and the sounds were created based on the original eight-core sound equipment from 1864.
    You can also play back the OST, and the music of the time in addition to the music of these games.
    The music for each game is “Japanese Garden” produced by Yumi Arai.

    Kludge has the most unique technology in the game industry today.
    Our development process is an interesting and rare model – we build the prototype game system in the Unreal Engine and take that prototype to the end by re-writing, and refine it, and then release it. We believe that with our hands-on development, we can understand the concept of “Intelligent games” more deeply.

    Cocoon’s Game Engine is a self-contained game engine, for mobile and desktop games.
    We built our own engine because we always aimed for higher quality than an off-the-shelf engine and we need a high performance base if we aim for super high-end graphics.
    In-house engine are easy to use, but it’s difficult to customize and to modify the technology.
    We make the engine the best that we can make, for Cocoon.

    Before we started work on Cocoon we had been developing games for more than ten years, and even though we’re a small team, we managed to make two types of games without using a predefined engine for at least five years.

    Because we started from scratch, we wanted to make our engine create a game without depending on technology that was released in the past.
    As a result, we made a game engine that is flexible, it is easy to use, and it is easy to customize and modify.

    “Intelligent game”

    Cocoon is a game development company focused on the development of “Intelligent Games”.

    We believe that games without involvement in the game logic are


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    What’s Included in This Content- 45+ Buildings: Homes and Domes; Specialized Buildings: Restaurants, Banks, Hospitals, Shops, Chemical Plants; Specialized Materials; Tile Sheets- 8 XP for the first encounter; 8 XP for the second encounter; 8 XP for the third encounter; Material for the player to use in Chapter 7.What is this?It’s Fantasy Buildings: Modern, a pack of detailed, unique fantasy buildings which are compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace. These buildings provide the creation of detailed modern cities, complete with flowing river, architectural design and unique details that can only be added through Parallax mapping.Buildings are separated into two categories: Homes and Domes, and Specialized Buildings. Each category contains detailed, unique buildings which are compatible with Parallax mapping. Each building comes in three colors: A light color (such as white), a dark color (such as black), and a blend of the two.Buildings come with three types of variation: Minimal Variation, Color Variation, and Texture Variation. These variations allow players to add a unique appearance to their map. Many of the buildings include their own variety of materials.Materials include color, texture, and shape. Also included are several different textures for the buildings, as well as special materials for certain buildings. This material allows the player to simulate different types of stone, concrete, glass, and more. It also allows the player to specify what materials they prefer to use on their map.Finally, included are detailed floor plans for the structures. These allow the player to specify exactly where each structure is located on the map. The house plans include the floor plan, exterior measurements, and various dimensions. Tile sheets include both floor plans and exterior measurements, along with a few other features. For each building, each page contains both a floor plan and a close-up exterior view.

    Fantasy Buildings: Modern contains over 45 buildings. Of those buildings, over 30 are special buildings, including: Specialized Buildings: Restaurants, Banks, Hospitals, Shops, Chemical Plants; Specialized Materials; Tile Sheets;.; Joomla! Project
    ; Copyright (C) 2005 – 2017 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved.
    ; License GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt, see LICENSE.php
    ; Note : All ini files need to be saved as UTF-8



    What’s new:

    ers programme a top priority

    Dear Jane – Please keep the Keepers programme a top priority

    Dear Jane –

    Please keep the Keepers programme a top priority

    Published: 03 Apr 2015

    As you probably know, the lowest reaches of the One Poll site have a team of Keepers who are out there on the streets asking voters questions about their political views, with the aim of creating the most representative body of voters in the country at the next General Election.

    I’m the Team Leader for the Isle of Wight, and our key priorities are ensuring that people like me – on the Conservative/UKIP ticket in the constituency – have the highest turnout possible and that everybody who gets the chance to vote votes for us. Here’s what’s happened so far…

    As a Team Leader, I spend a lot of time working on our communications strategy with Chris Grayling and my fellow Team Leaders. Our Battle Plan setting out our end game, with a focus on our key principles of user experience, campaign content and messaging and targeting.

    This week we’ve been pre-visualising the race to the Keepers finish, with a fantastic animation showing the various stages of the campaign across the constituency and the link to our strategic communication plan. You can see it here…

    This first part of the visualisation shows our postcode area (priorities in bold), with the number of students this is targeting in advance of each weekday. The animation then shows when the initial interviews take place, followed by the promotion of the survey to all voters (‘reach’ out) and delivering the required number of responses.

    Our equivalent in the constituency is not far out of the money, based on what we know so far and the feedback from our respondents. The task is to get to as close to our target of 810 residents per potential responder:

    What do I need from you?

    Obviously, if we all did more we could reach the target sooner. But the thing we need from you is a response from as many people as possible. Simple as that.

    “But why do we want this?”

    Our direct engagement survey, which we did with University of Southampton students in 2013, showed that over 20% of Southampton-based young students didn’t vote. This is far lower than in other areas of the country.

    Like all universities, the University of Southampton


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    In the year 2015, a series of deadly mutates have sprung up, consuming the earth’s natural resources and forcing humanity to turn to the world of science fiction for new solutions. In the 48th century, the world is divided into two factions: the United Nations of the Terran Federation and the International Union of the Proletariat. The Federation is a world police force led by General Hugh Keeney, who has created a top-secret facility in the frigid Antarctic region to find and cultivate new technologies that can be used to defend Earth.
    The International Union of the Proletariat is a militant labor union, led by the colossal Proletarian Matriarch, Maximilla. The Proletariat is a gargantuan, meat-based, cyborg-like alien who is in desperate need of new technology to extend its lifespan and increase its chances of overthrowing the Federation by invading Earth.
    Kasumi and Kuma are in a race against time to stop these two warring factions before a disaster of immeasurable proportions.
    High Speed Bullet Time gameplay!
    Earn currency to buy new weapons, costumes, and armor as you complete challenges and defeat enemies in this cool game.
    Inventory Management System
    Sell items you no longer need for cash, and combine your inventory to get new, cool items!
    Re-boost your character’s stats and boost their special abilities at the cost of Stamina.
    Protect yourself and your companions from attacks by using various types of weapons.
    A mind-blowing high score board that’s really a challenge to beat!
    Deadly yet beautiful environments!
    Experience high-speed bullet time action in three different environments and nine challenging stages!
    Discover the true meaning of “Pursuit of Existence” as you fight against an all-powerful army and their mechanical creations in this exciting new arcade action game from the award-winning crew at QLOC.
    A total of one hundred and eighty achievements to collect, including Platinum and Diamond rewards!

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    A Santa Bikini costume for Kasumi.

    “Ages up her combat abilities and gives her a new look.



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    1 CPU
    2 GB RAM
    500 GB free hard disk space
    Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit or 32-bit (2 GB Windows Vista)
    System Requirements:
    To play a game, you must install the game in Steam first.
    The following Steam libraries must be installed in order to play:
    Path of Exile’s official website is available at
    Steam Achievements
    The launcher (search “Steam” in the applications)