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You find yourself trapped in a freaky basement, which is a 100’000 square feet procedurally generated maze you are offered to escape from. You have to navigate the 100’000 sqft of the maze. Sounds easy? Well, in reality, it’s not. You will get lost, injured and (more than likely) killed. You can use your smartphone to help you in various ways:
· Marker-pen
draw markers on the walls, do the maze the smart way
· Crowbar
go rogue and mine through the fully destructible walls
· Smartphone
hot/cold game with some tech help
About The Game:
..be ready for a RUN
..arrive at the end alive or die
You can play with friends with the new created instanced lobby mode
You can create your own own room for this mode
You can easily drop-in/drop-out at any time at any time
Arriving at the end alive or die
Developed by:
..Viiminõisa, the independent VR studio
..Iivitus, the VR game studio
..VR:s product development team
About The Team:
-Dragon, VR developer
-Finn, VR game designer
-Reino, VR game designer
-Magnus, VR product designer
-Darend, VR product developer
-Till, VR product developer
-Max, VR product developer
..and now PixelRap team as support and help and the awesome VR friends

Welcome To Frutarism

Frutarism is a political party of the anarchist and libertarian movement, based on the issues of materialist anarchism, anarchy, libertarian municipalism and economic and social egalitarianism.

Frutarism is not a political party in the traditional sense of the word. As most of anarchist and libertarian parties, it is open to everyone who is not attached to any political entity and recognizes no political leaders or parties, and does not have any system of representation in its internal assemblies and decision-making bodies. On the contrary, Frutarism claims to be an assembly, non-representative and direct, that is made up of persons who really know what they want and what they will get. An assembly for everyone, without elitists or specialists. An assembly of equals, for equals.

Based in London, UK. Frutarism was founded on 25th of September


Features Key:

  • Play Lost King of Avallon free version
  • You can unlock Level-up 7, Skill-up 5, Weapon-up 2

Another great adventure of GunZ Movie
Add EarGunZ background music to your game!
You can unlock:

  • Level-up 8, Skill-up 5, Weapon-up 3


  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • CPU: 1.7Ghz
  • RAM: 2.66 Gb

Contact us:
If you have any problem about GunZ Movie:

  • Please let me know: yhzgame@yahoo.com

Yhz Game Team send you GunZ Movie game free!
We created our own loading screen for GunZ Movie to let you get a better game experience.
Thanks for your support!
GunZ Movie game by Yhz Game Team
Add EarGunZ background music to your game!
You can unlock:

  • Level-up 8, Skill-up 7, Weapon-up 2

By the way, we added a new function into GunZ Movie game,
So you can now change the SORT mode in Main Menu.
Thanks for your support!
GunZ Movie game by Yhz Game Team
Add EarGunZ background music to your game!
You can unlock:

  • Level-up 8, Skill-up 6, Weapon-up 2


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This demo version features three levels, including a flying section, several power-ups, and a preview of the actual, full version.

PSP™ and PS3® Players!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available for the PlayStation®Portable (PSP)™. For more information, visit the Official PlayStation Website.

Release Date: November 11, 2011

Online Multiplayer

Live in the Elder Scrolls Universe

The first Elder Scrolls game to offer an online multiplayer option for up to eight players, as well as the ability to seamlessly switch between single-player and multiplayer modes.

Play in Real-Time

Keep your keyboard bindings, pause, and aim of your weapons and items in sync with your PlayStation®Network account. Elder Scrolls Online will also be playable offline in single-player mode in the future.

Collect All the Legendary Weapons

Collect over 200 weapons from the Dragonborn, as well as hundreds of new artifacts, armor pieces, and more.

The Pirate’s Isle: The Elder Scrolls Online Community Hub

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive online game world with over 40,000 players, a living and thriving community.

Become a Dragonborn: Choose your destiny

Test your skills and build your character at character creation and then upgrade your skills as you explore Tamriel. Collect books of wisdom from over 200 years of history and unlock achievements that unlock new rewards.

Enter the Arena

Battle dragons in the Arena, fight in duels, challenge other players to single and multiplayer duels, and dominate the arenas with your skills.

Ancient Creatures and Mythical Beasts

In the new land of Skyrim, ancient creatures such as trolls, giants, and vampires continue to survive, and you will face these beasts in the online multiplayer. As you progress through the new land, visit other towns in Tamriel to meet the new characters and learn more about their histories and stories.

Become Legend

Fight for the survival of Skyrim in the online multiplayer. Earn reputation and prestige that will reward you with new armor, weapons, and titles.

# # #^2,\quad t \in \Omega_{\mathcal M},$$ where the operators $A$ and $R(z)$ are assumed to be self-adjoint.

Suppose that (\[sf1\]), (\[sf2\]), (\[sf3\])


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Wild Times is a new kind of 2D retro-arcade shooter, completely different from other games with a similar title.
You are a bounty hunter, who is not afraid of anything.
You are a tough guy, who has no fear of death.
You are going to investigate the evil, that has invaded our world.
You can use powerful weapons and weapons, that the evil has stolen.
You need to be a real bounty hunter and hunt down every evil being and their evil plans.
You can use bonuses to earn bonus points.
In every level there will be a number of obstacles, traps and enemies.
To destroy them all, you need to use good weapon and accuracy.
The primary and the secondary weapon is a good choice for the good shooter.
You can use the Fx weapon, that has a good accuracy and sends out bullets
almost at once.
This weapon is good for close fighting.
You can use the ak47, that has a good power but its bullets are slower
and slow down the movement of the player.
This weapon can be used for both Close and Long Range fighting.
You can use the machine gun, that has a high power and powerful accuracy
But it sends many bullets at once.
This weapon can be used only in long range fighting.
You can use the swords and knives, that have a good power and can also be used for
close fighting.
The shooting is the most important.
You have to shoot carefully, so that you don’t get hit.
If you get hit by an enemy you fall down and lose a life.
You can get bonus points by hitting enemies, using a bonus on your weapon.
You can see in the Top of the screen, where you’re bullets go.
Collect bonus points to increase the score.
How to play the game:
Press “R” and shoot at the enemy.
Shoot the weapon, when the triangle button is pressed.
Dodge the enemy bullets and the boulders.
Destroy the traps and the enemies.
Collect bonus points in order to reach the next level.
Learn new weapons through the levels and upgrade them with the points, that you have
collected in the previous level.
Finish the level to reach the next level.
How many weapons you can use in the game:
You have three basic weapons and one booster.
Basic weapons:
Fx- Lightning weapons, that has a powerful shot


What’s new:

    Demo site to teach the importance of espenseing:

    I want to take out the bgcolor=”#F4F4F4″ and #DDDDDD and use it to replace the other color marks.
    How can i do this?


    You can do something like this:
    var shortcode = textarea.value;
    var others = shortcode.split(‘‘);

    document.body.innerHTML = others;

    You are here

    Finnish authorities to re-examine 1939 German-Jewish pact

    Finnish authorities will re-examine aspects of the 1939 German-Jewish pact after a recent change in legal procedures made the agreement vulnerable to repeal, according to a report by YLE News.

    After the Hitler-Stalin Pact was signed in Moscow in August that year, Finland instead imposed a trading embargo against Germany. In 1939 this decision was reversed by the government of Juho Vennola, the former head of the Justice Ministry, and the diplomatic agreement was officially put into effect in 1940.

    The pact had imposed limitations on the rights of minorities in the Second World War, particularly the rights of Jews and Soviet prisoners of war.

    On June 26 a law was passed that made it possible to examine the regulations of the pact.

    The SDP allegedly broke Parliamentary regulations by passing the law through a “sleepover”.


    The report says an examination of the pact was not properly conducted until now. The Kaleva daily newspaper saw the law as an attempt to “evade the topic of a possible repeal of the pact”, however, despite a state law.

    The SDP responded that it was parliamentary procedure taken to the extreme.

    The Kaleva daily column was once again accused of breaking rules during a session of the State Senate, allegedly violating norms to be politically correct, when it insisted there must be a vote before a motion can be abandoned.

    According to Kaleva, “our


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    DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) is a new and groundbreaking digital combat flight simulator, allowing you to experience war from the cockpit of a combat aircraft.
    DCS delivers a highly authentic combat flight experience, allowing you to become “the Pilot” – maneuver your aircraft through obstacles, engage and destroy enemy targets, and experience the exhilaration of combat like never before.
    With incredible attention to detail and mission fidelity, the interactive combat experience takes full advantage of the latest game engine technology, which makes it possible to recreate the most visually stunning and authentic experience of war!
    And just like you, the pilots, DCS combines a realistic 3D cockpit view with detailed, highly interactive cockpits to immerse you in the most realistic combat environment to date.
    DCS features weapons ranging from machine guns, cannons, air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles, with dynamic and reactive enemy aircraft AI.
    DCS is currently available on PC and Mac.

    About This Game

    Put on Pierre Clostermann’s Irvin jacket, climb into his Spitfire Mk.IX and experience the massive air battles in the skies of Western Europe described in his similarly titled book. This campaign follows Clostermann’s career from April 1943 to July 1944 through 12 missions that recreate his memoirs down to the smallest details such as time, weather, squadrons and even radio transmissions. Find out what it feels like to fly with the Biggin Hill Wing in a huge formation of Spitfires, to follow Commandant Mouchotte into gigantic melees against 30+ Focke-Wulfs, to take part in Rodeos, Circuses, and attacks on V-1 launch sites, or to support the ground troops after the D-day landings. All clear? Switches on!

    DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX

    This campaign requires the following DLC:

    DCS: Normandy 1944 Map

    DCS: World War II Assets Pack

    Key Features:

    12 historical missions following Pierre Clostermann during his time with Squadron.

    Detailed briefings, maps and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files with historical backgrounds

    Unique kneeboard graphics and checklists for each mission

    Historically accurate custom skins

    Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages

    A wide array of missions including fighter sweep, bomber escort, armed reconnaissance and ground attack

    About This Game:

    Put on Pierre Clostermann�


    How To Crack:

  • All setup—Installation
  • All Un-installation
  • CODEX/DMG Setup
  • CODEX/DMG Un-installation
  • Gambatte!Setup
  • Gambatte!Un-installation
  • Languages and Codecs
  • Q&A

Tower!3D Pro – EDDS airport

Here we bring a complete review about Tower!3D Pro – EDDS airport. Good news is that it is an easy to use design 3D multiplier for retro gaming which you can enjoy on your PC or laptop. There are also some other great included in this game.

The game

This is a stunning game for old school gamers. You will remember the old days you helped your dad to count a lot of money like the gold, precious stones and jewels. While walking the family & the guests around the pool house and upstairs, you’ll experience the incredible & stunning places, beautiful models and how the games would work on when you were younger.

Game play

Among the features of this 3D multiplier is the word & number or sentence pushing. This game has 3D community and puzzle features. Within it there is the story, more story and even more story. You’ll also find several puzzles to get the objective finished. For example, you have to look for keys and other items. Also, you need to find answers like matching letters and numbers that are set up in the game. At the end, of course, you need to score the points by numbers and letters that are showing the right sentences of the story.

How to install

All set— the very first we want to say is that this download uses a setup CODEX file. So we also urge to make it clear that you need to download setup & install the program. When you use the setup there is an archiving function where you can backup or create backup, the settings, and all necessary files.



System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Vista SP1
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor, or an Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 or Intel Core i3 or Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
HDD: 15 GB of free disk space
Additional Notes:
An excellent game. This is the sequel to the legendary Meg


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