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Name Nimbatus – Drone Creator
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 9748 votes )
Update (2 days ago)



* Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) has been played over 10,000 times on Playstore and it has a rating of 4.5 stars
* Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) is a simple, fun, yet addictive game
* The goal in Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) is to connect gas stations to bus stations
* As a player you can build bus routes, buses, stations, gas stations, road network and also traffic lights
* When a connection is available, gas stations will automatically fill the buses, otherwise when it is too far, you must make a connection
* You can also create more reliable routes by visiting gas stations that sell more than others
* You can sell used vehicles and purchase new ones
* Gas stations have different fuel types you can buy and sell
* Bus stations and traffic lights can be damaged by obstacles on the road
* Bus stations that don’t have a connection can be upgraded by the player
* Bus stations without connections are also dismantled by the player
* Bus stations connected to other bus stations form hub stations
* Bus stations connected to gas stations form traffic light stations
* Bus stations connected to gas stations form passenger bus stations
* Bus stations connected to gas stations form stations with passenger buses
* You can automatically generate bus-stops based on road cracks
* There are 9 different bus types and 1 station type
* Bus stations can serve for different maximum number of connections
* You can buy and sell used vehicles to purchase new ones
* There are 19 different milestones with their own milestone icons and voice over
* Road cracks can break down your vehicles. Road cracks are generated when a bus is too far from a gas station
* If you have problems, the game can be paused by pressing the pause button (should be displayed in the menu)
* Guide buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen
* A notification will be displayed when a new game issue or update occurs
* There is an option to enable/disable notifications
* There is also an option to enable/disable vibration
* You can control the game speed by tapping the left side of the screen
* There is a main menu, with options to:
1. pause the game
2. display the game instructions
3. statistics
4. feedback
5. bug reporting
6. credits and privacy
7. exit
* There is an option to disable the sound effects
* The game is playable in either English or Spanish language


Additional Information

Name Nimbatus – Drone Creator
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 9748 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Nimbatus – Drone Creator Features Key:

  • Well detailed high quality graphic
  • Memory game fun, easy to played, new challenges, winnings increase!
  • With full of colorful images; turn the page faster, and the cat is always lurking.
    At every page turn, the intention of the cat’s hide and seek is suddenly revealed.
    Cat’s Lover is challenging but intuitive.
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    Nimbatus – Drone Creator 2022

    “Dance with me” is the game which was named as the best VR game of 2018 in VR theme – This is an amazing VR music game with support for Rift and Vive. This is a 1:1 scale VR music game which is controlled with a Xbox gamepad.
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    Nimbatus – Drone Creator With License Key Free X64 (April-2022)

    “The chase begins, hey beatitas? All I want is a cold brew, you hear me?”

    Beatitas looks nothing like he sounds. He looks like an average tourist. He’s not a fighter, not anymore at least. He was once, a long time ago, and so was his brother. That time is now long forgotten as the two continued to fight, creating a long history in the field of combat. Beatitas was taught by his older brother to fight, creating the type of war-like brothers the two share. As a teenager, Beatitas was taught the art of a bow and arrow, as well as how to craft his own. The Bow and Arrow certainly came in handy as a teen, and as an adult he’s able to craft weapons for his fellow warriors. It’s something he can do at the game’s launch. Things like a sword, spear, or axe would be too heavy and might get stuck in the dirt. It would make him more an actual weapon for fighting rather than just a type of weapon. However, something new was invented in the 15th century, something powerful enough to knock out even the most strong of warriors. The mace. For those of you who don’t know, a mace is an open-ended weapon, which means it is usable in a variety of situations. This wasn’t the only new invention that was brought, but it was the one that would blow up the weapon world. The iron mace could crush everything with a single swing, yet it was lightweight. Beatitas was amazed when he found out how powerful the weapon was, and how it could turn the tide in any battle. This was the start of his journey into the unknown. Beatitas first travelled around the world trying to get some sense of a new weapon called the Nailbat. It’s a similar weapon to the mace. However, it can only be used by one person at a time, thus his brother had his own set. His brother passed on the same knowledge to him and this is how they get into their own journey. Beatitas is still a simple tourist looking to get some good meals, but along the way he must find new equipment and items to complete challenges as well as a way to find this Nailbat.

    Beatitas controls his movement, moves, and uses attacks in the normal way. Unlike the other characters he doesn’t use any spells, as he doesn’t have any way to cast any spells. He can use his long-ranged


    What’s new in Nimbatus – Drone Creator:


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