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Set in an Earth-like universe, The Infinite Black tells the tale of a frontier world teetering on the brink of civilization.
It’s a time of conflict, strife, and mistrust, and rumors of interstellar intergalactic warfare and bounty hunting has spread throughout the galaxy.
After years of idyllic peace on the frontier, a new breed of starship warship has suddenly appeared.
The Cosmic Warship has been rumored for many years to protect an ancient ally: the primordial planet of Celest, home of a sentient race who predates our own, as well as the lost world of the Titans.
Friends & Family Launch:
The game launches with three special free additions included in the game:
– Orbital Strike: Sent a team of allies to strike a lightning fast, precise assault on the enemy.
– Mining Center: Call in an ancient world-shaping device from a distant mine, making it possible to dig faster, create more, and influence the flow of energy across the surface.
– Agility Field: Some ships have natural agility, with the understanding that their crew can steer and maneuver their ships to create special effects that enhance combat.
The Agility Field allows players to create an effect with the ship to extend its range and reduce damage taken.
– 3 unique ship classes each with 7 unique career ships to achieve
– Battle planetary surfaces and head to the stars!
– Command massive spaceships and form powerful corporations!
– Lend or borrow powerful weapons and superarmor from the bank!
– Fight enemies that are regenerating health and power on the ground and in space.
– Fight massive PvP battles.
– Looting treasure, bounty hunting and planet-hopping await!
– Earn achievements and other items from missions!
– Over 70 items to customize your ship with.
– Unique weapons, body parts, superarmor, and an engaging story with many side-quests!
– Play on both PC and Mac using Steam and cross-platform
– Play with friends from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
– Resume your last save on any device, whether it was on PC, Mac, or Linux!
– Community-driven servers using the Steam infrastructure.
– Play on the huge worldwide cross-platform servers!
– No monthly fees, no DRM, no emails, no account limitations, no time limits.
– No buying or selling your personal information.
– Completely free for everyone!


Features Key:

  • Realistic digital avatar, simulated with Blender
  • One sided battles
  • 2D map view
  • 3D first person view
  • Support for offline play (playing when server is offline)
  • Many custom (but not custom, only without your computer’s resources)!
  • The possibility to support classic role playing game players with rich and funny and challenging battles!
  • Transformers are merely an example! You can make one of your own!
  • Game Description:

    Your mission is to build a ship, and arm it with different weaponry to take over the opposing team’s ship. Do that by destroying its defenders, flying out over the sea, or just shooting them with the weapons you brought with you. You can fight alone, but trust me: the other team is going to want to fight back!

    Game Review:

    DockYard is a very entertaining, and creative FPS game, enhanced and developed by a studio dedicated to the genre!


    DockYard requires one of these in order to play:

    • Windows XP or higher
    • 2GB or more of RAM
    • Web browser

    It is a highly portable game, which can be played from a USB stick. Any fat32 formatted stick will do.


    PirateJungle is a freeware, highly finished and entertaining role-playing game about a pirate, a gopher and a bunch of youngeens on the quest to discover the mythical treasure of the Sea Dragon!

    PirateJungle Game Key features:

    • Realistic digital avatar, simulated with Blender
    • Multi-touch support for both display, actions and map


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      The fish are nearly ready to go home! Put on your swim suits and dive into a world of physics-based fun. Change your size to reach new levels in your escape. Get together with your friends for a fantastic party full of silly fishy social skills!
      * Adventure with four fish friends – including a beak-wearing koala!
      * Switch-based gameplay: an exciting and original way to play.
      * Watch the fun and iconic comedy animation style that’s made I Am Fish a worldwide hit.
      * Explore a beautiful and endlessly varied world – find new fins to increase your size to reach new places and collect new items!
      * Fun social challenge: catch the fish and help your friends change size.
      * Cast transformations: push or pull your friends to activate a perfect action – smash like a dolphin, jump like a frog, flip like a butterfly or roll like a worm!
      * Tons of silly fishy social skills: take a walk, ask a question, dance like a shark, play a game or help your friends!
      * Release your imagination and fight your friends to snatch the trophies
      NOTE: I Am Fish has mature content – so it will be available to people over 17 years old only.
      That is all the content included in the game – more content will be released at a later date.
      For more details please see:

      Murugan Thiruchelvan

      IMPORTANT: Do not send me emails or contact me through any other means, as this will not help with my investigations. I check the email addresses that contact me regularly.

      Comments and Reviews

      About This Content
      I Am Fish Official Soundtrack
      27 tracks of fabulous music in both Mp3 and high-quality Wav format!!
      I Am Fish is a charming, physics-based adventure starring four


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      Brotherhood A:
      ThunderboltAthena is currently an incomplete game, and will likely remain that way for some time. Its a character-driven narrative focused exploration game.The style and structure of the game follows the same trajectory as Red Dead Redemption, starting with a western-inspired world, and builds upon the strengths of games like Metro: Last Light and Bioshock Infinite. Please stay tuned for more news and updates.
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      Bubbly adventurer Susie is carrying a torch for a fellow inhabitant of the forest—a handsome, hirsute fellow who lives alone deep in the wilderness. As Susie encounters various weird and wonderful critters on her travels, she begins to get her first look at her mysterious beau and a true love story begins. Watch as Susie interacts with a brown bear, a hibernating giant sloth, a chupacabra, a bear-like horse named Brutus and his jealous owner, and more.
      Based on an award-winning novel by author Alan Snow.
      Note: It may take up to 10 minutes before you see the last video in this series.

      **Warning: this game contains strong language, mature content and lewd themes.
      It’s very easy to play and control – just use WASD keys to move, E to jump, Arrow Keys to control your character and the


      What’s new in Nanoscape VR: