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Name Dark Raid
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As the Hundred Years’ War rages across the land, you lead your people to new shores and new civilizations. Must you accept the mercy of the Anglo-Saxons? Can you create a new nation that will endure? The choice is yours… and yours alone. Lead your people through wars, treaties, and betrayal as you rule over a Europe in turmoil.
Medieval Kingdom Wars is a game of political strategy, economic management, culture clash, and dynastic ambition. You may choose between one of six nations over the course of four dynastic eras. Choose wisely, for history is not kind.

15 Reviews


Casual Gamer


“Brilliant game and easily recommended for those who love strategy and grand war and strategy.”


Jubilee Games


“The game was worth the money and well worth my time and money. The game is very enjoyable and it’s worth the money. ”



“This game is excellent and highly recommended to anyone that like strategy and war games, and also the tenacious struggle that our ancestors went though during the Hundred Years War. The game is a real mix of tactics, economy, diplomacy and a bit of luck.”

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    You aren’t part of the “in crowd”, you’re part of the “out” crowd. You’re not a part of the collective, you are the amorphous blob of mass that swims through the ethers. You are the…you’re not just a musician, you’re the music. Luckily, the world has given you access to a truth machine. Armed with this truth machine, you can separate the truth from the lies, and the lies from the truth. You’re just a music junkie, right?
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    “Je risque de passer le reste de mes jours à tenter de convertir des non-musicians à la musique.
    Après avoir essayé n’importe quelle méthode possible, si vous n’avez pas commencé à fréquenter de vrais musiciens, cela ne va pas vraiment évoluer.”

    -Eddie Vedder, From the Heart, 2009

    This is a very different kind of game. You’re not online, you’re not fighting over stuff, you don’t have to do shit.
    You’re simply on a voyage of discovery. You’re a music junkie, and you can’t find that rock. The search is on. You’re searching for answers. You’re searching for the truth. But first, you’ll have to rummage through the swarm of lies. And I’m not talking about the lies of the politicians, but the lies of the MSM and the lies in Fark. You’ll have to circumvent the lies of your fellow musician, who are indeed as precious as diamonds to you, but still…
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    Four charecters, from left to right: a young miscreant who can’t find her rock, a cynic, a free-thinker, a young loner girl.

    Each chapter will have 4 to 6 different track, in them, depending on your choices.

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    The Belfort Hall Academy of Dance is famous for transforming its students into ballet stars. But when the class star, Marion Ashworth, is found dead in the school garden, shocking secrets are brought to light. It turns out the victim wasn’t who she claimed to be. And if that’s the case, was she, and where is the real Marion Ashworth? Examine the crime scene, interrogate the suspects, and follow the clues to find the truth. Just be careful – some secrets are worth killing for.Features:

    A lot of people live in caves. But you’re not like the others, you live in a mansion with plenty of amazing rooms to explore. You’ll have to use your wit and cunning to find out who has entered your home, as you seek out the secret passages and clues. These clues can lead to even more amazing rooms.

    Our aim is to make the most enjoyable experience. Look carefully and discover the hidden objects in each scene.

    All music in the game is performed by Piano Girl Productions.

    Theme Songs:
    The theme song is called Awaken, by Another Dish. A song created by CIMA.

    Enter the mind of Armonia, an eccentric heroine who sees herself as a detective of sorts. As her six senses and keen intuition lead her on a series of daring adventures, she unravels the mystery and reveals her extraordinary abilities as she saves the Day’s ultimate espionage operation. This stylish but never sexy adventure is set in an elegant and stylish world with a unique story, and features sparkling puzzles and intuitive controls.

    Puzzle Quest 2 is a case that is going to make it real contenders for the top spot in the Puzzle Quest Series. Puzzle Quest 2 has a new Case system to it, which makes each game unique.


    Discover the sweeping tale of Sir Roger, the legendary knight and one of the most powerful mages who ever lived. Meet his twin, Sir Devant, born of the same egg, the duo who lived a life of adventure from the moment they were formed. But when they found themselves in the path of a murderous cult, they learned they had magical power they couldn’t deny. Their quest would take them to a magical land populated by fantastic creatures, ancient knights, and strange magicians. If they were to save the world from a malevolent curse, they would need the power of


    What’s new:


    “Merakkum Mahayoodhya yang duduk di Tsunaminya.”

    King Peredur betrayed by his nephew. His deceptive words create a war between kingdoms.

    Peredur’s sons vow to avenge their lost king and right his wrongs.

    The Kingdom of Kampytha has fallen into shambles. A liar king, Mwahkikior, rules the land. A man who’s beauty rivals the king and his queen. A man who ruins men’s life from inside their own house. A man who’s beauty steals a woman’s heart.
    A mighty man who’d lived under the shadow of Mwahkikior.
    His name was Singa. A mighty swordsman, a sorcerer, a dragon slayer, a devil slayer. A man who sought to protect his kingdom, his people, at all cost. A man who wanted to prove that he was no ordinary man.
    Mwahkikior’s coveted bodyguards had assassinated a minister, all of them leaving in the legs of a ‘disemboweled’ body.
    The target was Mwahkikior’s own family. Each family member had been executed separately, including his family’s own bodyguards.

    Mwahkikior was the only one Matoran left…a last hope to regain the kingdom his ancestors promised.
    He was the lost Alohi of the Matoran, a only son…the last one.
    If the prophecy proved true, he will be cursed on becoming king. Mwahkikior wanted a great kingdom unlike any other. He wished to have a kingdom strong enough to secure the rest of the Matoran and Alohi. But his strength wouldn’t last long.
    The only thing Matoran and Alohi had to fear were the people with an eye on his kingdom. The ones who wished to take it by force.
    For years, Kirabond, the last Alohi, fought with the Matoran to protect their kingdom but he got stuck inside the well that King Peredur created.
    They need a solution. The only people capable of solving the problem…from both sides. The only men who can do it is the ones who want to die.
    A once great king who


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    You are a Sentinel, a servant of The Noble Order. Your mission: to protect humanity from the evils of the world. From the darkness of the Soulforge of Tarken to the sinister plots of the Gempirian Empire.
    Ebony Spire: Heresy follows your journey through the many different regions of the world, encountering heroes on the way. You will need to fight your way through the enemies and monsters of the world as you hunt down the evil pieces of the puzzle.
    Challenge yourself against the many enemies and powerful bosses of the world, and unravel the puzzle of the world to save the world and the people from the evil.
    The soulforge of Tarken is the central location of the land of Tarken. Here the evil Chaos Stone, which can only be stopped by the Chaotic Soulpower, is created in great amounts. It must be stopped at any cost, or the world will suffer. It’s a race against time and the number of Evil Souls, your only contact with the Chaos Stone is the Hero’s Gauntlet which you need to gain Souls.
    Order’s High Grand Tribune, the red-haired woman, tells you about the war between the two races: the Wood Elves, who were once The Order’s people, and the Yggdra’en, the elves from Tarken.
    The world is so beautiful, with its own sense of reality, you must fight through the various elements, forests and cities.
    • Short but dynamically lit and designed World Map
    • Non-linear Maps system which creates a new exciting way of exploring new areas
    • A very balanced and intuitive gameplay
    • A huge number of enemies and bosses, the battle system is very challenging, there are no power-ups or cheap “arcade” mechanics.
    • Excellent Artwork, Music and Sound effects\][i]{} (i = 1,2,3,4) and the auxiliary functions as the solution of Eqs. (14)-(22). We have verified that, as the initial conditions $\xi_{1}^{\dagger}(0)=0$ and $v_{12}^{*}(0)=0$, the nonlinear spectrum obtained as a result of the simulation satisfies the initial conditions of Eq. (5). The results are depicted in Fig. 1, where $F(k)$ shows the nonlinear spectrum, $K$


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