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Name Commands amp; Colors: The Great War
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The D.R.G. Initiative: is a team-based 3rd person shooter, set in purpose-built arenas.

You can play against other people or teams online, or you can play against AI characters.
You can choose from a roster of six different characters, each of which has their own unique abilities, weapons and personalities.

Through a regular meta game, you earn points to progress your faction and level up your characters.

Each faction has their own set of rules and culture, but the main focus of the game is to get kills and collect resource cubes (ammo, health, etc).
You can level up your characters by training them, growing their abilities, unlocking new weapons and armor pieces and of course, by killing the opposition.

You can pick and choose a faction to play with before the games begin, or choose to play with random faction.
It really is just you vs. the AI or as a team and the sky is the limit as to how far you can get.

Choose your weapons wisely and use teamwork to your advantage.

Try to stay alive and work as a team.

The Arena:
The DRG Initiative has three very different types of arenas, all of which are designed to be fun to play in.

There are three different types of arena:

1. Castles – a typical first person shooter dungeon crawl, with a balanced number of resources and a set of 5 puzzle doorways each of which contains an enemy, a health pack, and ammunition.

2. Canyons – a third person survival shooter, with a balanced number of resources, but each canyon contains a different type of enemy.

3. Warehouses – The construction site of the DRG Initiative, this arena contains a balanced amount of resources and three different enemies each with their own abilities and combat style.

When you start the game, you will be assigned to one of three teams of six people, each team representing a faction.

When you enter the arena, you need to fight through a set of doors, which spawn enemies, resource drops and artifacts.
Fight through the doors until you reach the Scorestreak marker,
then carefully weave your way through


Commands Amp; Colors: The Great War Features Key:

  • Built on the InamonSelf codebase.
  • BatMUD has a very simple config file system that keeps the functionality from growing into an unholy nightmare of code.
  • Thanks for the awesome mods for a list of MUSHes available: MUDClan ModSupport.
  • BatMUD has the best features of a text-based MUSH in the MUD and Social features, and more!
  • No Freeware-feeling FUDs like Drumbug, Vulcan, and Land of Freepascal.


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Spy DNA takes the gameplay genre of tactical RPG and turns it on its head. In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is an unstoppable force with no time for human mistakes, our team at BioWare decided that rather than trying to hold their own players back, they’d step out from behind the action and lead a squad of genetically engineered agents on the trail of the enemy, instead. This allows players to take on critical real-time decisions and pushes the genre of tactical role-playing (RPG) into a whole new realm.
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Game Features
About Spy DNA:
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Engine: Unity Game Engine
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Genre: Tactical RPG
The war between man and machine is raging. Whoever controls the skies controls the future.
The U.N.G.E.N. (United Nations Global Enforcement Network) is calling on the best and brightest of the world’s genetically engineered agents to help eradicate the evil that seeks to destroy the world of man. Take on missions that range from hostage rescue to sophisticated


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