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Besiege territory in the depths of the ocean, from treacherous coral labyrinths and lost lands to ancient volcanoes and fortresses guarding labyrinths of their own.
Forge weapons, armor, magic, tools, and potions to face the dangers ahead. Recruit a team of heroes including Gobul the Minotaur, an elementalist with powerful fire attacks, or use the resources at hand: a motley crew of friends, foes, and strange creatures will help you on your journey, all the while crafting the legend of Edge of Atlantis.
Key Features:
An Action RPG full of Exploration –
Obstacles will block your path at every turn!
Explore multiple worlds, and delve into countless labyrinths, pyramids, volcanoes, tropical jungles and more. New content is always expanding.
Pulsate between the elements: use water, fire, earth and air attacks!
Different enemies have been created using the same basic design but modify each element in unique ways.
Choose your hero: choose your character class from a vast array of five and customize his weapons and abilities.
Gorgeous Spheres of Color –
With your hero, you can use traps to trigger powerful elemental attacks
You can collect precious, rare gems as you explore the world
Lots of items to craft in town
More than 500 items to collect and craft
Inventive Level Design –
Hundreds of ancient technologies will be at your disposal to overcome the game’s challenges
Plan your attacks in advance with different traps and secret doors
Lots of labyrinths to explore, each offering a different experience
Create your own legend!
5 hero classes to choose from:
Thundergod – the god of storm, lightning and pyromancy
Ranger – lead his companions with a bow and arrows
Archer – a master hunter and rival of the Thundergod
Apprentice – a young sorcerer and seeker of wisdom
The Last Regent – a wise leader with powerful magicks and a dark past
Netizen Preview
You are tired of the storms ravaging your land. The old king passed away without an heir, and soon the kingdom will fall.
Your duty is to open the portal to another world in order to save the kingdom.
In the name of your late king, you forge weapons and armor, equip your heroes and explore the world’s many labyrinths.
You must find a way to seal the portal to end the storms.
Choose your hero among five different classes that you customize in your


Features Key:

  • ESRB Teen Rating: T
  • Items: ship
  • Local Co-Op: 32-player single player campaign mode
  • Remote Online Co-Op: 16-player combat with co-op chat
  • Controller Support
  • Controller ban support
  • Recommended for
  • ESRB Rating: Teen for violence, intense action and language.
  • Move your mouse to aim/shoot/roll one step backwards. Left click to change weapon.
  • Navigate through the space ship with WASD or arrow keys. The mouse wheel is used to zoom.
  • Use the mouse wheel to move camera.
  • Increase/decrease/current ammo with TAB,! (exclamation mark) and Shift TAB.
  • Use CTRL-C to find a replacement for a resource.
  • While paused, the score will show your display name and enemy hit points.
  • D-pad = change character


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Your name is The Creature and you have been sent from the planet
Sorelius to the desolate, dry and inhospitable world of New
Earth. There you must prepare yourself for an adventure that will
take you to the farthest reaches of the planet and beyond.
Isolated is a game where you are tasked with freeing a multitude
of alien creatures from the Metal-Sphere that holds them captive.
Each creature is a unique and powerful ally and your goal is to
use their special abilities to unlock the secrets of New Earth.
The goal is to collect all of the creatures so that you can free
them all and return them to their home world.
What We Love:
It’s the first game I’ve ever played where I laughed a little
every single time I made a mistake, which is a pretty high
It’s a game where you get to touch a disembodied head, and it
feels amazing.
The creatures are both hilarious and terrifying in all their
unique and intuitive designs.
If you’re a fan of the art style you’ll LOVE this game.
You’re going to love every single second of it.
…and so much more, give it a chance.
What We Don’t Love:
Till now, we’ve never seen a game that played like an old-school
computer game, and that is a little sad.
There are lots of good things in the game, and lots of things
you’ll love, but it’s not new and exciting.
Get the PS Vita version if you want to enjoy the game’s amazing
story and graphical engine.

“It’s seriously a masterpiece”
15 – PSN Title of the Year
“Pretty much Superbest Game”
10 – IGGT
About This Game:
In Out of the Ball is a stealth and action game in which you
play a runner who is trying to run away from the dreaded Ball.
You’ve been caught and now it’s up to you to escape from it
using every trick in your playbook.
Will you make it out alive and escape this hellish prison?
What We Love:
It’s just so much fun to play.
The Ball is so insanely hilarious, and the level designs are
perfectly done.
Your survival instincts are so well developed that


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Jedi Starfighter 8/10 Adventure Gamers
“…though its gameplay is similar to Defense of the Ancients, as there are a number of distinct game modes, Jedi Starfighter’s lack of reliance on classic MMORTS terminology works to its advantage. While the basic gameplay is similar to many other MMORTS, the game introduces concepts such as public transport, housing, and item construction, which can be hugely beneficial to new and experienced players alike. Players can also receive experience and bonus items to assist them on their journey through the game.
You will spend most of your time in public transport, but each region has a dedicated barracks to call home. Once set up, you can work on a variety of projects including defence, public transport, and resource production. Each of these gameplay concepts requires certain resources to be successfully completed and the number of resources obtained is directly proportionate to the size of your regions. Once fully developed, your economy is largely self-sufficient, as there are no exploitable locations on the map which can be easily mined by players.”Games for Windows – Vista Edition Review Gamezebo

Simple right, but still not simple, thats what i love about the strategy genre. And i love when you need to hire NPCs to fight for you. You can’t really get much simpler than that. So this game gets the simple game award, and also the second one.

So far in a handful of games i had to use the strategy genre to explain how to play, but i dont know what to say about this game…but you have to be old enough to remember when strategy games where the most popular…you may be thinking of chess and stuff like that, but i assure you. Its all strategy games, and its just a lack of the marketing.

If you are looking for something easy, something to play on the go, something to play online, or anything at all that requires strategy then thats your game, else, its too hard for you.

FarCry 3PC Game RipsXBOX LIVE Gold Review by Fatal1ty Gaming
Overall this is a pretty good game on it’s own, but it’s better on XBOX 360. Its a great FPS title on the 360, I love being able to take on so many people at once and completely overwhelm them while they try to run away from you and have to go out in huge groups to overwhelm you. And it does this very well. So it gets the rip gold rating.

This review also contains spoilers.


What’s new in 100 Hidden Frogs:


    This is a collection of 3 new maps that are intended to be used in conjunction with CaveBalls’ DwarfKingdom fantasy roleplaying game or upon which any other fantasy roleplaying game could be played.

    The first map in this pack is Castle Splendor by Oren Games. This is a three-floor fantasy-themed castle that was originally built by Gnomish engineer Pelannon the Explorer. The castle is built to keep out evil in the form of the dark forces of Mordrak, Malachne the Wicked, and the other dark sorcerous beings of the Mordrak Mythos. The map was originally designed for the Dungeon Roll RPG.

    It comprises an 80-x-80 interior hex map.

    The second map in this pack is Castle Bleak by Oren Games. This is a spiky-capped fantasy-themed castle that was originally built by Gnomish mechanic Pelannon the Explorer in another part of the world. This may not have been the right path, although the inner dragon does have a few effects on the world. The dungeon is 49 x 37 and has 6 floors, each being 1 to 4 levels deep. The map also has two platforms in the center separated by a deep canyon featuring water running down the walls and a boulder-strewn waterside.

    The third map in this pack is Penance of Darkness by Oren Games. This is a spiky-capped fantasy-themed dungeon that was originally built by gnomish mechanic Pelannon the Explorer and was originally designed for Wulf’s SlamRPG but has since been used for Dungeon Roll RPG. The dungeon is largely featured in the first floor with a small sub-divided area for 1 level of 6 floors while the base is relatively clean. The size of the map is 24 x 43.

    All three maps are designed for Fantasy Grounds (version 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.0, or 3.3.0) and can be run via the online Fantasy Grounds store.

    Table of Contents

    Product Description:

    DwarfKingdom This pack contains 3 fantasy-themed maps that the player characters will travel through on their adventures into the dwarven kingdoms.

    Castle Splendor

    This is a 3-floor fantasy-themed castle that was originally built by Gnomish engineer Pelannon the Explorer. The castle is built to keep out evil in the form of the dark forces of Mord


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    A re-imagining of the classic board game of Blood Bowl, updated to take advantage of modern game-design and brought to life in the form of a beautiful, free-to-play Unity 3D mobile game.
    It’s 1267 AC and the Khemri are in turmoil! The ongoing threat of demonic possession means the kingdom has seen better days, and whole villages are being burned and pillaged by the living dead. The Khemri, a race who have been sworn enemies of the living, are in the same boat. A passage to the capital had been safeguarded by a mighty temple of the dead, but these same undead are now coming forth to seek new ways to reincarnate themselves. Following an ancient prophecy, you have been commissioned by the great Drukhari King Mehrunes to take on the role of a legendary villain. To ensure that the Drukari are humiliated, you need to drive the Khemri from the kingdom, and show them that the undead are capable of rising to glorious victory.
    • 1267 AC
    • 35 unique playable races
    • 6 playable classes
    • Playable player races. Each race has unique set of stats, races and class abilities unique to that player’s race.
    • Kick a block, pass a ball, pass the ball and score! You can do all of this by tapping the space bar with your finger or clicking the touch screen
    • Swift and agile, the Khemri are a menace to the living
    • Setekh the Star-Player, returns to Blood Bowl to lead the Khemri
    • Upgrade your team with one of the many available items that are used to boost your stats, or to make your team members stronger
    • Upload high resolution team and player images into the game
    • Score! Of course you score points for goals and points for tackles, ramming and knocking out your opposition players and catching the football
    • Expand your kingdom, collect coins to open chests and buy new items
    • Team colours and logos can be changed to suit your aesthetic preferences
    • Big, beautiful 3D graphics!
    What’s New in Version 1.6
    – Added several new players. Check the full list here –

    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •
    – More players added. Check full details here – http


    How To Crack 100 Hidden Frogs:

  • Unpack/Install the game.
  • Run the game from the installation folder. If you installed it in c drive(default), run the game as: Ziggurat2.exe.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait until the installation completed.
  • If the game doesn’t start, try to change the mode. To do this, open the game files menu and scroll down to “Start Options”.
  • Try the commands shown in the video.
  • After you are done with these steps, don’t forget to activate the Windows Vista Security Option.

Remember that cracking a game is a crime. If you ever cracked a game like this, you’re going to get in legal trouble!


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