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The Urban Modern Tileset by KR is a combination of AKR Towny 4 tileset, AKR City tileset, and AKR City Fossils tileset.
Tilesets are small collections of assets designed to be used in RPG Maker and RPG Maker MV.
Tilesets can be used to create maps with a lot of variety, or create very detailed city maps.
Since tilesets are a very small, generic asset, you can do whatever you want with it.
Create an entire game using just the tilesets from this pack, as well as or mix and match with others you already have.
You can also use the assets from this pack in your own creations for use with RPG Maker or RPG Maker MV.
About Developer:
KR – Myself.
I put a lot of time and effort into creating this pack, so feel free to use it however you want.
KR – The Urban Modern Tileset is open-source (MIT), and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
The only thing you can’t do with it is take someone else’s work and claim it as your own without their consent.
This is a non-profit, open-source project, created as a passion project.
I hope you enjoy it!

E: As such, I tend to upload my work at o-3. Also, if I upload something that is a fork or adaptation of someone else’s work, just tell me and I can remove the copy.
Check out RPG Open-source 2 Maps in the works.
Check out my profile for links to all my stuff, on DeviantArt, YouTube, etc.
EDIT: RL is a huge project for me, and I’ve only had the time to work on it on nights and weekends, so that I could keep up with a normal full-time job. As such, the progress of RL has been somewhat slower than expected and the ‘low-quality’ tiles have been particularly slow. I’m working on fixing that, and your patience is appreciated. 🙂

=h3= The Urban Modern Tileset

=h2= Newest content:

#Version 2.0

– Added the final 6 tile sets from AKR TO Towny.

#Version 1.0

– Added the NEW Tileset and the Borders

I’ve covered the city more thoroughly than I expected.


StratoBash Features Key:

  • NEW Adventure Mode – a challenge where you have to build your fortune in a new adventure
    filled with challenges, traps and other difficult obstacles to overcome.
  • NEW Change your clothes! – When you’ve done a good job, there will be situations where your appearance changes, and you will be able to choose your clothes from the assortment of items you’ve acquired.
  • NEW House! – Tuscany places you in a charming house where you will be able to interact with the eight residents (each with its own personality).
  • NEW Token! – In order to interact with the world, you need a Token that you can collect by meeting the need of the eight residents living in the house.
  • NEW Unlock items! – You will find items hidden throughout the levels that will open up a new world for you.
  • 6 Unique chapters to unlock – Each chapter is composed of 24 levels where you have to play the right order to get the reward at the end of the level.


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Give yourself the challenge of solving the whimsical cases of Jumpshot Detective & Detective Wonderland. Both games feature a similar point-and-click style gameplay and follow a similar pattern.

In Jumpshot Detective, Jumpshot gets invited to a haunted boarding school as a replacement for the deceased Detective Anderson. After he gets there, the spirits and other supernatural creatures start making noises at night, so he must solve the mystery by figuring out what’s going on.

In Detective Wonderland, Detective Anderson, whose real name is Jimmy, returns to his hometown after the tragic death of a girl whom he believed to be the victim of a mysterious person. But when the police inspector died, someone else took his place.

Play Jumpshot Detective, the game that challenges your brain more than the other, to try and find all the hidden clues to solve the cases. Sink your teeth into this story that will have you questioning your every move and sometimes to the brink of madness… Watch out for the evil and the spirits!

This game has been optimized for use on 8bitdesk and will look the best in full-screen.

Experience how the story unfolds with the hidden additional parts. If you love the story, Jumpshot Detective 2: The Case of the Haunted Village will definitely be the best game to play. Good luck on your way through both cases, detective!

(Jumpshot Detective 1: The Black Cat Murders is now out, go and play that game instead)

Just a simple game with great puzzles. I hope you enjoy it!

-The story is very simple and it can be completed in 1 hour, the puzzles to solve may be a little difficult at first, but I guess you’ll get used to it after a few times.

-There are different ways to complete the puzzles, and I’m pretty sure all of them are logical, but I was too lazy to look for all the different ways to complete it, so you might need to think outside the box to get the full puzzle.

-The fun part is the fact that each puzzle has a different way to solve it. Even though it’s just a simple game, there’s tons of content to play and enjoy.

-I hope you find a puzzle to like, but if you find this game boring or you


StratoBash [Updated] 2022

The players, in their flippers, swim across enormous and dangerous depths to feed the fishy community. There are many obstacles on the way, such as rocks and mines.
This game is a winner for those who have a passion for exploration games and those who like an arcade gameplay.

If you like the game, you can try to beat the high score with the player who has the best result on this month’s challenge, through the game’s website (

Top 10’s reviews from last month (1st – 10th)

Your average Arcade like Snatcher (Mortal Kombat) for PS2

Review by JLH on 2010/03/14 at 8:19 pm

This game has its fans and its detractors. I like the graphics, controls, level design, and challenge. Other than that it’s not that exciting or new. For people who want a simple, yet challenging arcade game, this one is for you.

Prone to the divisive XBox 360 title, it’s safe to assume that if you haven’t bought Dolphin Up, you are either a Dolphin or you don’t care to try this experience out.

Despite the title I’d easily say that Dolphin Up is far more enjoyable than it’s justly titled predecessor. Dolphin Up arguably has the most amazing level design that has ever graced a platformer and coupled with the excellent character designs and gameplay, what happens is a game that is simply hard to put down.

The main issue I have with the game is that it pretty much treads the same route that Rental-A-Hero once did. There are a few mini-bosses and not many checkpoints after a pretty sizable level. Of course this is what it’s all about, replicating the arcade experience that this series was built on but the game fails to change up the formula too much.

It’s a shame really because I feel it could have been so much better if the level design was purely ground breaking and that level 1 is pretty much a lame introduction to a game that is based on constant progression and level based challenge.

The best thing to say about this game is that it’s an easy and fast paced game where your on the receiving end of frustration constantly and if you’re lucky, you have an opportunity to have your own personal arcade experience.

If you have the xbox 360, do yourself a


What’s new in StratoBash:

    ‘ Dragoneurophilanthropic EmaclationSedeniteEvoDragon Troll (Frostbeak)ID: 1549415960319, MP: -12, Temp: 0C, RL: 20People Helped: DolfWingVoivod (Volticus)Players: 2Online: TrueRegion: Usa, Benelux players coming along?Just would love to get a guy with epic lore or may be just HAPPY with the vanes?Night Elf Paladin and Dwarf Monk round out my party which is actually fun, we currently roleplay on FFUTholds set on short-term and didn’t want to just set there for the x hours that should be the quest rewards, should be nice seeing the effects of Quulus.Edit: After some thought, I’m thinking an exception maybe a mob, dark elf or really something great can get supported?

    Re-edited for better Kudos to DolfWing for letting me add the light elf, it was a great improvement.

    I want to thank you for devoting time to run this bet for an unknown number of weeks, I know it was a lot, but I do am very appreciative and I think I’ll share some of the costs.

    I may not be able to donate anything more than I already have, but I want to share some knowledge and power to Quabus to see what they will do with it.

    If what they come up with are “just fine”, as one stated, probably they won’t put the class up for voting.

    If said class will be taught and billed for, then I will likely donate more than my stated donation amount.

    I have always said that I will donate when I can afford, which I don’t think will ever happen. So I guess that my only hope is that what comes from this donation will help someone that can’t get stuff like this.

    An analogy for this would be someone creates an era and then people get incredibly annoyed that their 12/12 level Barbarian has no health. Then the person makes a patch for him. (I am using this as an analogy and not saying I’m ungrateful for a quest.)

    “I’m fine, I’m an elf.”. That’s what the class is all about, yet it’s a class that you want to be learned. Without a zerging class, it’s good that there is healing options.

    I don’t want to be a Priest


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    Summoning the spirit of classic platform games, Furious 3D runs, jumps and slides on four wheels.

    Furious 3D is the perfect game to show your friends what it means to have a keyboard, mouse and a freshly pressed copy of Windows.

    Generous physics engine for motion and obstacles.
    Flickering crowds.
    Improvised decorations.
    Endless runner.
    Three matches.
    Eight routes.


    The game was nominated for “Best Casual/Personality” IndieDB Awards in the categories “Best Platformer” and “Best Doge” in 2013.


    External links
    Game’s site
    Steam page
    Official Modding Wiki

    Category:2012 video games
    Category:Linux games
    Category:MacOS games
    Category:Windows games
    Category:Racing video games
    Category:Platform games
    Category:Run and slide simulators
    Category:Video games developed in GermanyPreparation and characterization of 6-O-palmitoylated recombinant human antibody Fab-fragments.
    This unit describes methods for preparing and characterizing Fab-fragments 6-O-palmitoylated with palmitic acid on cysteine residues. The human antibody, Rituximab, was site-specifically conjugated to its Fab-fragment via disulfide bonds, and then the palmitoylation of cysteine residues of the Fab-fragment was performed with palmitic acid. A method for preparing 6-O-palmitoylated Fab-fragments, that can be used for many kinds of antibodies, is also described. The conjugation efficiency of Fab-fragments to Rituximab with or without the 6-O-palmitoyl group is the same. The conjugated Fab-fragments were purified by affinity chromatography, and the palmitoyl group was removed by washing the conjugate with the solvent containing SH-reagents. Finally, to characterize the purity of the final product, HPLC was performed, and the structure of the conjugate was confirmed by mass spectroscopy.Gail Fisher is back in the studio this week to share with us her new cookbook, “Cook the Coast”. Gail recalls the beginning of her book, as she was experimenting in her kitchen. She said she started to realize how much she


    How To Install and Crack StratoBash:

  • To begin with, I need to install the game first.
  • Once installation is complete and after you launch the game for the first time, you will be prompted to to create a new Fantasy Grounds account. There is a detailed description below to tell you how to do that.
  • Go back to the game folder and select Fantasy Grounds – Treasury of the Fleet folder. Open it and click on the icon with three monitors inside it. This will create a shortcut to your game. Now you can double click on that shortcut to start the game.  
  • In case you are running Windows Vista, all you need to do is right click on the icon that you will find in Windows folder. In case of Windows XP, choose properties from the right click menu. In the window that opens, right click on the location where you want to install the game and choose the check box ‘ always prompt me before opening this file’. Then, select ‘Run As Administrator’, and click on OK. This will execute the click for you.  
  • An exe shortcut for installation is given below: Go to your user folder and look for “order” subfolder. Inside that, you will find another order folder. Inside that, look for a folder called “eseaorder” and see if it exists. If it does not exists, you need to create that folder. Now copy and paste the erxeseaorder.exe file. If you have not installed the game correctly, you might get an error box that says; ‘”” is not a valid installation directory.’ Just press OK and close the box then do as I have suggested. 
  • After the installation is complete, the game will be ready for use. Open the program and then click on the play button. For more usage instructions, see the next chapter.

Fantasy Grounds – Fleet Maintenance: