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Name Crusaders of the Lost Idols: Exaltia, the Giver Taskmaster Pack
Publisher Admin
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This product is a bundle of resources to accompany any of the AGK Classic series products, starting with a beginner’s guide introducing the basics of using the AppGameKit Classic editor. The book is accessible to everyone and contains a list of common coding skills.
AGK Classic is a simple BASIC-like language that brings many of the programming concepts to life. Students of any age can start coding at their own pace. Some concepts, such as the two-dimensional grid and mathematics are easy to teach while others may require a more advanced path through the language. All in all, it makes an excellent teaching tool for any beginner or advanced programmer.
Educational Materials Contents:

AppGameKit Classic

Beginning BASIC

Visual Basic





The Two-Dimensional Grid


Conditional Statements


Conditional Statements

Logical Operators

User-Defined Types





The guide consists of 23 pages with a total of 182 code samples. The book is designed to be self-contained and suitable for beginners at any level.

This guide is a guide to implementing a strategy game using the AppGameKit Classic (AGK) scripting language.

• Introduction and introduction
• Purpose of the book
• Rules of conventions
• Basic introduction to AGK
• Blank Game Logic
• Introduction to String Variables
• Introduction to Variables and Constants
• Initialization of the Variables
• Use of the Variables
• Use of the Constants
• Introduction to Operators
• Introduction to Functions
• Initialization of functions
• Use of the functions
• Introduction to Loops
• Introduction to the ‘do-while’ loop
• Use of the ‘do-while’ loop
• Introduction to loops
• Introduction to Conditional Statements
• Introduction to the ‘if’ conditional statement
• Use of the ‘if’ conditional statement
• Introduction to Math Expressions and Statements
• Introduction to Functions and Loops
• Introduction to the ‘do-while’ conditional statement
• Use of the ‘do-while’ conditional statement
• Introduction to Conditional Statements
• Introduction to the ‘if’ conditional


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    • Forge your way through procedurally generated levels with up to 4 players.
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    • Customize your crafting stations.
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    What’s new in Crusaders Of The Lost Idols: Exaltia, The Giver Taskmaster Pack:

    Exclusively Released on May 10
    On May 10th, I’ll be uploading the 5th chapter of the Prime Pack I special revamp, and I’ll also be uploading the Legendary Deemo:Reborn, the new generation of the game’s re-launch project, just for you reading this.

    This chapter of the Prime Pack I special release is a re-make of the chapter 5 of original Deemo’s Prime Pack I. It mainly focuses on existing bugs, deficiencies and gameplay problems, from the version of the game which I designed in 2005.

    It was originally delayed since the Prime Pack I project was suspended, and its delay wasn’t of my choice. The cause is that it’s a necessary step for the new generation of the game and the future of the franchise. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


    (Translator’s note: spelling and language errors are the typical ones, as we’re working on the font right now. Other bugs should be the same. As will any translations or tags made.)

    Page 22


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    The world has been divided into two nations, the industrious Nord and the lazy and happy Southerners. However, that happy union has split into two warring factions when the previously perfect town of Bellbiaq has been cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious impassable mountain. The world is in danger of being torn apart by war. If your goal in life is to defeat the enemy and stop the civil war, then you are an Elite Eagle in the North and, in fact, Bellbiaq will now become your home. In this comic book like adventure game, you must navigate a series of puzzles, platform and flying sequences in order to liberate the Southerners and defeat the evil Nord. Engage in spectacular inter-dimensional adventures through the universe and unite in a non-stop adventure of fun and action.

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    Local multi-player: Exciting two player fights in multiplayer mode.
    Challenge: It’s up to you to beat the high scores.Q:

    Using a class member function pointer as a reference

    class A {
    void* const f;

    Is it OK to use f as a reference as in:
    void* const f=&class::f;

    and what would be the possible uses of this?


    Here, f is of type void* const &, so it is a reference to a const member function of type void*, const &, and you can store a pointer to this function in it. What can you do with this? Store a pointer to it! E.g. int & func(); You can now store a pointer to int & as a reference to a function returning an int and taking no parameters.


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